Movie. The Cameraman, 1928.

Posted by T on August 26, 2006
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Unlike Gold Rush, this silent is, apart from a perky soundtrack with piano, harpsichord, and theatre organ accompaniments, actually silent: but the situations are so typically human that one easily fills in the dialogue, with help of course from the titles. Buster Keaton plays a nebbish fellow that despite genuine qualities never can seem to impress Marceline Day, a young girl of timeless beauty; or can he?

Includes a fine throw-away scene of Keaton miming a big-league pitcher in Yankee stadium.

Full of lots of slapstick, as a silent comedy must be. The story of the heart will make the movie appealing to women as well, however.

(Warning: there is a disturbing disregard for the Sabbath that must be “bracketed” as part of the culture being depicted in order to enjoy.)


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