Movie. The Untouchables, 1987.

Posted by T on August 24, 2006
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This is a story about Al Capone and how the feds bagged him.

The movie could hardly be surpassed for crisp dialogue, quick character definition, and directorial placement, tension and release, angles.

It is as expected a satisfying performance by Robert Deniro (as Capone), Sean Connery, and Kevin Costner.

There is a famous scene involving, shall we say, a unique use of a baseball bat.

There is the great line from Sean Connery, “just like a dego to show up to a gunfight with a knife” which begs for the response, “just like a mic to think this dego showed up with just a knife.”

The story of Al Capone is well enough known that I cannot be accused of spoiling by mentioning the outcome: they only can get Capone for tax evasion.

This is surely the most disturbing message of the film, even if inadvertent: “We your government cannot protect you from mass murderers and extortionists as such. Hey, what are we, miracle workers?

“But don’t cheat on your income tax. Don’t hold back from us, or we’ll get you sucker. Yes, we’ll get you.”

But I thought we forked over the tax money in order to be protected from murderers and extortionists!

Avoid succumbing to the movie’s statist message by going in with your eyes open.


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