Movie. Copying Beethoven, 2006.

Posted by T on April 26, 2008
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A fictional story about one of the greats, well played as far as it goes by Ed Harris. He sends for a copiest, and the academy implausibly sends a girl, played by Diane Kruger. Their budding (platonic) relationship culminates in a surprising performance of the 9th symphony. Beethoven responds to his deafness with bitterness, but the music becomes redemptive for both him and those near him.

It is spoiled by typical Hollywood touches such as Harris urinating right in front of Kruger at their first meeting, and a blaspheming nephew. Screenwriters Christopher Wilkinson and mystic atheist Stephen J. Rivele, who earlier joined forces for Nixon, are apparently not jewish, but their preoccupation with bowels, bladder, and blasphemy makes one realize that the Hollywood contagion can be caught by goyim.

Apparently running out of fresh ideas, they steal

  • imagery of nunnery — Sound of Music
  • joke about dogs on hind legs — directly from Dr Johnson
  • general tone — Amadeus

Rent it only if you are in the mood for some great music. The music, of course, almost redeems an otherwise terrible screenplay. Diane Kruger shines through as a true German girl. I would like to see more of her. It’s a shame she has to put up with all this wretched hebishness to make a living.


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