Reverse Yiddish

Posted by T on April 16, 2008

Yiddish, according to some, was a language designed so that jews could insult their hosts without being discovered. The tables have certainly turned since those days. Jews have a death lock on the major communications of the West, whether we are speaking about serious journalism or light entertainment. With the communications under control, unassailable political power has followed naturally. Now, with the definition of any speech critical of jews as “hate speech,” and the criminalization of such speech already the reality in most of our ancestral lands and threatening the First Amendment here, we are fast reaching a situation in which the “hosts” will have to develop a private patois with which to talk about the parasites, which though a tiny minority are now seemingly all-powerful.

It is just about a sure thing that the criminalization of “hate speech” in full force will finally pass, leading to most truly alternative news sources being shut down and many of the sponsors imprisoned. In the final period of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s life, the role-reversal of the parties respectively instigating and opposing the Gulag may very likely be completely swapped. The one glimmer of hope might be that our rulers will bungle around for a couple years, and give enough time for a counter-attack. But is that much spirit even still left in America? And would it really matter, with the substantial judaizing of the legal system, and the supreme rule today by judges?

So, we need to start thinking about how we might continue to communicate with each other using coded language. Thus, reverse-yiddish.

Coded language is already alleged to exist, and cryptocrats like Stanley Jew Fish have already launched preemptive strikes to defang it: see his deplorable There’s No Such Thing As Free Speech: And It’s a Good Thing, Too. Just as the SPLC types see a racist behind every bush, so the Fishites see “code language” everywhere. We need to be wary. We must not lose our ability to speak literally. It was, I believe, William Buckley, Jr., as deeply compromised as he was, who once observed that if “international bankers” is a code word for jews, then please tell us the code word for international bankers.

Moreover, a fixed and universal lexicon of code words will hardly work: the new Heimatsicherheitsdienst (currently headed by a jew, of course) will simply add such a list to its computer trawling programs.

Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere. Can’t beat something with nothing. The idea is to develop our own yiddish, but expect that it will aggressively morph into new terms that might stay a step or two ahead of our oppressors.

Part of the initiation is just to have a little fun with the inherited terms. Feminize hebe and kike as hebette and kikette. Use the normal rules of converting nouns into adjectives, and thence into new nouns. Thus the noun hebe becomes adjectival hebish. “The excessive whining coupled with profanity gave the conversation a hebish tone.” Then, turn the adjective into an abstract noun: hebishkeit. “Wex’s book is not only an introduction to yiddish, but to the ways of the hebishkeit in general.” Or again: “oh no, don’t tell me Bud Abbott was of the hebishkeit?” Take it one more level: the international network, functioning like a kingdom or empire: thus, the hebishkeitsreich. “The free speech movement is gaining ground — how do you think the hebishkeitsreich will counterattack?” Or: “getting control of a new Homeland Security division would have exceeded the wildest fantasies of the hebishkeitsreich just ten years ago.”

While we can, we must not give up on direct speech. Part of the strategy is simply to counter the mind-twisting use of “politically correct” speech with a full frontal assault. First Word has already begun this, as I’m sure many have observed. Even the absurd but fully entrenched term “anti-semitism” must be counter-attacked head on. The very term is antigentilic, since it tacitly models the world as composed of jews and non-jews. (Making jew and Semite synonymous is a second-level absurdity inherent in the term.) At its own level — Semite being the historical term for descendants of Shem — we can also point out the vicious anti-Japhethism of much of the rhetoric and behavior of the Hebishkeit.

We must also become more cognizant of stereotype reversal, even when done in humor. At one point in Annie Hall, Woody Allen says, “the rest of the country just thinks of New York as a bunch of left-wing communist jewish homosexual pornographers — sometimes that’s how even I think of us.” We chuckle, and subliminally that’s supposed to make us not make such an association in the future. Instead, we must resist making the disassociation.

So a mixed arsenal is called for: direct attack, deconstruction, and deflection. Honesty and courage will be the most important things; but humor, and maintaining a certain lightness will be a nice side-effect of this strategy.


4 Comments to Reverse Yiddish

  • Yes, Arabs are semites, too. So Jews are anti-semitic when they fight the Palestinians, a flaw that must be pointed out to the former.

  • Eliza — the hebishkeit would say they are fighting the Palestinians in self-defence, and thus not an ethnic matter at all. What needs to be pointed out though is their attitude to all non-hebes, which ranges from exploitation as mere animals at best, and at worst, visceral hatred that is murderous.

  • Yes, but if I fight a Jew in self-defense and not for ethnic reasons at all, it’s still anti-semitic (according to them). In fact anything that is not 100% supportive of Jews is considered anti-semitic (by them). Even using the word “Jew” is anti-semitic. I think “Jewish” is better liked. I’m just using their standards, with which I disagree, but saying they should be consistent.

  • Eliza — yes they “should” be consistent, but consistency is not part of their agenda. I cannot but conclude that the double standard, and the corruption of language and thought by embedded ambiguity, is all part of a deliberate strategy.

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