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Obama: Let the Killing Resume

Posted by T on November 30, 2009
Politics / 2 Comments

The picture associated with the Yahoo announcement Continue reading…


The Manhattan Declaration

Posted by T on November 28, 2009
Ethics / 23 Comments

An Anglican priest is supposed to have lamented, “Wherever St. Paul went, a riot Continue reading…


A Zero-Option for Iran

Posted by T on November 23, 2009
Judaica, Politics / No Comments

Ronald Reagan proposed the so-called zero-option for Europe. Roughly speaking Continue reading…


There Shall be No Night: A Play for the New Deal

Posted by T on November 17, 2009
Politics / No Comments

One of the embarrassments for the pro-Soviet leftists in America, including the bulk Continue reading…


Mr. Ham Introduces Miss Egenation

Posted by T on November 09, 2009
Ethics / 10 Comments

Ken Ham and his associates in the book under review favor interracial marriage Continue reading…

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