Thou Shalt Not Remember Dresden

Posted by T on February 13, 2010

Pausing to remember with sorrow and respect the slaughter of Dresden by the Allies on Feb. 13, 1945, my heart is with the pious Germans who plan to attend the annual memorial there. This year, however, the girl-mayor of the city is organizing a human chain to “keep out the right wing extremists.”

Reconstructed Frauenkirche and square

We need to understand clearly that in modern German parlance, “right wing extremist” means, anyone that wants to remember his ancestors slaughtered by the “Allies,” unless he simultaneously confesses that they richly deserved to be slaughtered. This is what the rulers in Germany think, and an analogous viewpoint is held by our rulers. Therefore, it is worth while to reflect on this matter a little. I will do so by highlighting an anecdote from my own travel in Germany.

I was in Leipzig in December 2006 when Passau police chief Alois Mannichl was non-fatally stabbed, apparently at the door of his house. Instantly all the media — radio, TV, and newspaper — area-bombed the news that a “presumed right-wing extremist” (vermutlich Rechtsextremist), still at large, had done the deed. Every half hour on the radio, the same notice was given out.

Mannichl was a fanatical “anti-Nazi.” He had actually gone so far as to have the grave of a German dug up when he heard that a flag of the Third Reich had been draped over the body. In occupied Germany, such symbols are illegal. Showing Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will is illegal. Singing the Horst Wessel song is illegal. “This symbolism is illegal! We must seize the evidence” he must have screamed. Even the dead lying six feet under have no rest from zealots like him.

Mannichl had told police that a young man of such-and-such height and with a crewcut and a tattoo on his neck, before he jabbed the knife, had shouted, “with greetings from the national resistance.”

At the bar in the hotel lobby I had struck up an acquaintance with an amiable German who worked as federal police in the border control department.  I expressed doubt that the evidence that had been made public logically entailed that the deed was connected with “right-wing extremism” or even right-wing non-extremism. He said, they would not be claiming this if the investigation had not shown it. He knew, as a policeman. Trust the system, I suggested. Ja, he said.

Within days, perhaps just hours, all the pundits and politicians, like a flock of chirping sparrows, raised a unison cry that the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) — styled by our rulers as “neo-nazi,” presumably because it openly favors the continued biological existence of Germans –, should be outlawed. Even though no connection between the NPD and the skin-headed attacker had been made public! I encourage our readers to do a google search. Dozens of articles making this demand at the time can be scanned.

No suspect was apprehended, month after month. A strange detail leaked out: the knife used in the attack apparently came from Mannichl’s own kitchen.

A year after the attack, a few articles could be found that sheepishly conceded that the wound was probably received by Mannichl in a domestic dispute in his own household. Officially, the investigation is still “open” — even though finding a right-wing extremist with a tattoo visible on his neck ought to be exceedingly easy in a surveillance state like occupied Germany!

Was there an apology to the NPD? Was there an admission that there was a rush to judgment without sufficient evidence? Will anti-nazi Mannichl be indicted for making fraudulent statements?

To ask it is to answer it. Of course not.

Now, a little more than two years after the incident, a human chain is to be formed to keep the “right wing extremists” from honoring their slaughtered ancestors.

In a future post, I will document the extent to which censorship has already been put in place in Germany, and increasingly, here as well.

The Gulag is being constructed all around us, brick by brick. But this time, not a shot will need to be fired. The memory of Dresden stands as a reminder of what our rulers can do and will do if necessary. But they also have learned that mind-control is a much more convenient form of power than shooting guns.  No blood to mop up. Much cleaner.


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  • The Germans are so bad that even the sight of a swastiska makes them go hurry to turn on an oven.

  • Gott sei Dank, that you have remembered, and told a generation yet unborn, of the evils of the Deicide victors, against the “True” (germanus) people’s own heritage.

    ‘Die Gedanken sind frei,’ says the Prisoner in the Tower. Ernst Zundel must know and recite that mantra daily, along with this one: ‘The Trush shall make you free.. and if the Son of God make you free, you shall be free indeed.’

    ‘Europe is the Faith, the faith, Europe.’
    Dear Lord, deliver us from the Pagan, the Turk, and the Jew- and from all those who think like them. Amen.

  • Dresden was retribution for the german nation causing deaths of upwards of 60 million people worldwide.

    You can not expect to try and conquer the world and ethically cleanse the nations you conquer at the same time and not have any revenge sent upon you.

    Dresden was a warning to the germans that they cannot try what they did then just say sorry when they fail.

  • If Dresden was retribution on the Germans for what they tried, for what was the Holocaust retribution on the Jews?

  • Readers — I don’t know if “Heil Chuchill” (or did he mean choo-choo?) is a spammer trying to get his foot in the door or a 14-year-old trying to “get a rise” out of us or what. (H.C. — did you mean “heilig Churchill” as in “heilig ist der Churchill”?) At any rate, I invite readers to unpack some of the mistakes and fallacies in his post, as an exercise. I’ll chime in with a half-dozen or 10 sometime when I’m feeling a bit more voluble. Good start Axe Head.

  • Heil Churchill is probably some jew troll. If he is a jew then debating with him is utterly pointless. It’s like arguing with a tick about how uncivilised blood-sucking is.
    Virtually everything in the official, jew-approved, version of National Socialism and WW2 is either a lie or a distortion. The victors were the villains in every way and Germany was the victim. It just goes to show what a twisted view of the world HC and his ilk hold.

  • “Germany was the victim” that could possibly be the most [expletive deleted] twisted view of WW2 that has ever been written.

    Attacking every country in europe while ethnically cleansing the jews and germany were somehow the victim’s ?

    [ad hominem insult deleted].

  • Heil, just a quick question before I try to point a few things out.

    Do you become equally emotional and vituperative with respect to Israel’s “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians?

  • T,

    When will you be pointing a few things out per comment 13? Always look forward to your posts and comments. Don’t leave your readers so long between your writings!

  • Confed:

    Well Heil’s statement “attacking every country in Europe” is so inaccurate it is obvious he is not dealing at the factual plane at all. Consider the European countries allied with Germany during WW2:

    Next, recall that Ireland and Sweden remained “neutral” meaning they did not share Churchill’s hostility to Germany. Many French were on board, as can be seen in a documentary on Vichy that I will review one of these days. There were many French SS.

    So not only is the idea that Germany attacked “every nation in Europe” literally false, but it suppresses the fact that on the contrary, many perhaps most Europeans were not even opposed to Germany.

    The threat to Europe and the world was from Soviet Russia, not Germany. Germany arose as the freedom fighters. The US arose as the defenders of the communists.

    All: This year I fail in my resolution to memorialize Bomber Harris’ vicious murder of Dresden each year on the anniversary with a new post. Please take this opportunity to review the material from previous years. I will keep trying.

  • A mighty bear, [Russia] and a mighty Lion, [Germany] were fighting to the death.
    An opportunistic Hyena [England] watched closely, occasionally nipping at the Lions heals.
    Nothing too major.
    When it became obvious the Lion was just about finished because of the huge forces railed against her, the Hyena snuck in and slaughtered the Lions cubs and family. [Dresden, Hamburg, etc.]
    The Hyena also stomped on the mortally wounded Lion, making sure it was noted by all and sundry

    Germany will in time confront her tormentors.

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