Hedy Lamarr is Back, Hide the Kids

Posted by T on November 29, 2011
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There is a new book out about “Hedy Lamarr” by Richard Rhodes that was puffed by NPR the other day and may be taken as another small example of how we are a captive people controlled by termites that intend our destruction.

Mind you, I haven’t read the book, and don’t intend to. Enough can be gleaned from the interview with Rhodes and a quick google search to piece the story together.

Here is the official story. The 1930s Hollywood vixen was actually “Austrian-American.” She escaped the Reich after the rise of Nazism, leaving her husband, who after all hob-nobbed with Nazi industrialists. Meeting Hollywood studio head Mayer in London, she was offered a second-tier position in the studio, which she declined as beneath her. Figuring out which ocean liner he was to sail back to America in, she booked passage and during the voyage, found ways to demonstrate her great acting skills, at length changing his mind and landing a seven-year contract for the equivalent today of $3,000 per week. In America, she became the top celebrated beauty of the silver screen, but she was much more than that: she was a veritable rocket scientist. She submitted a patent application for frequency-hopping communications to guide torpedoes. The US government quickly tagged the patent as secret due to its value in the pending war. The Navy sat on it, however, little realizing what an advanced and powerful idea it was. Eventually, the patent rights expired, and poor Hedy never made a dime from it — not even a pat on the back and an attagirl… until now.

That is the official story.

However, it is utterly improbable that this promiscuous, self-advancing strumpet “invented” frequency-hopping, especially since there is a far more plausible explanation for how she would have come to the idea: the regular gathering of German industrialists around the dining room table of her first husband, as her puff machine freely admits was the case. So let us piece together the story of her life more believably, using the same facts as NPR and Wiki give us, but filling in a few that are buried in the footnotes.

Born in Vienna in 1913, Hedwig Jewess Kiesler was a wild girl already at a young age. Starring in the Weimar Republic-era porn film Ecstasy, in which at age 19 she was depicted with full frontal nudity and more — I won’t go into the details on this family-friendly site, but they are easily obtainable, and rather shocking even by today’s standards. No doubt this brought her to the attention of the man that would become her first husband, one F. Mandl, yet also infuriated him with jealousy, a phenomenon that is familiar enough. So he cloistered her in his castle, where he “took her to meetings with technicians and business partners. In these meetings, the mathematically talented (sic) Lamarr (sic) learned about military technology.” (Wiki) (No evidence is presented that she was mathematically talented, and the name “Lamarr” was adopted later at Mayer’s request.) At any rate, in 1937, probably nervous about the rise of National Socialism — or was it just her girlish pride and overweening ambition? –, she abandoned her husband and went to London. Meeting Louis Jew Mayer, she was offered a measly role, but on the ship to America showed him her real talent. Anyone familiar with Hollywood of that day cannot help but believe this involved re-enacting scenes from Ecstasy with him, while he eventually panted out, “$3000 a week, seven years, ahhh.” Sucked into the movie system, she portrayed the vixen again but in the more toned-down habit of American film-making of that period, i.e. hint at, don’t show. As the war heated up, she started to spill the secrets of her tribal enemies that she had learned around the dinner table. The US government hushed them up, possibly because of the military benefit for themselves, or possibly — my guess — to prevent German protests of the spy in our midst.

C.S. Lewis observed that traitors will be used by the enemy, but never trusted or admired. Yet this “Austrian American” is supposed to be nothing but admirable, helping the US in its just war against the Nazis as well as being praised as a great beauty. In reality, her case can be used as a good example of how we should think of nationality, loyalty, and betrayal, which is quite different than how our rulers want us to think of it. It can be illustrated by studying the entry under each category as our rulers want us to think, vs. reality:

Her Nationality

Her Talent

Loyal To: Stood Against:

Our Rulers’ Meme:



Americans Nazis



Spying, harlotry

Jews Americans&Germans

Even the ubiquitous mention of her beauty must be a deliberate meme to try to overcome the common perception of jewish ugliness. Hedwig was not a bad lookin’ tomato, about as pretty as a typical white woman; but there were thousands of Midwestern and Southern girls that were (and are) far more beautiful than any picture I have seen of her on internet scours. Face it, she was puffed up down and every which way, and it continues.

See how cleverly our rulers spin the ugly truth.

In short, there is a lesson here. The white people of America were closely-related to the Germans as parallel branches from the same trunk of humanity. Hedwig’s tribe is quite different. She was not betraying her people by giving away German secrets. Our rulers know this, but they don’t explain. Instead, they tacitly portray her as “one of us,” the good guys, and not, a termite that aided us in our wicked fratricide.

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  • What you are saying is completely untrue and bordering on libel. I mean first of all Extasy was not “even shocking by todays standards”, there was barely any nudity. Secondly, you obviously know nothing on this subject, heck, you admitted it yourself. And finally this is just inane, you can’t say things this heinous about someone who was trying so hard to be good and had such a difficult life. I mean, come on, would you want someone to do this to you, espescially if you couldn’t defend yourself?

  • Well Rose, it’s odd, because your own jewpedia, here:
    “In early 1933 she starred in Gustav Machatý’s notorious film Ecstasy, a Czechoslovak film made in Prague, in which she played the love-hungry young wife of an indifferent older husband. Closeups of her face during orgasm in one scene (rumored to be unsimulated), and full frontal shots of her in another scene, swimming and running nude through the woods, gave the film great notoriety.”

    It certainly does not look as if she had a very difficult life, being both born into wealth and marrying even more. Or said differently, what difficulties she had were natural corollaries of her own unique mix of sins.

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