Nutrisystem Genocide

Posted by T on June 06, 2013

It’s been over a year now, but it still rankles. A long-term member, I logged on to the site, to be greeted by this picture.

Nutrisystem genocide

Nutrisystem genocide

They have forums. So I went on and posted (roughly, going by memory), “The inter-racial couple pictured on the front page is offensive.”

Nothing happened.

So a month later I upped the ante a bit with a second post, with approximately these words: “A month ago I pointed out that the inter-racial couple on the front page is offensive. If it is not removed by Monday, I am going to cancel my subscription. A great diet plan is one thing; genocide is something else.”

Guess which of the following was the response:

A. The offensive picture quietly disappeared, along with my post.
B. The offensive picture disappeared, and Nutrisystem sent a letter of apology.
C. The picture stayed, and I received a “warning” that my post was deleted because it violated the forum rules.

Try to guess before reading further.

Oh what’s the point. You already know which. To ask it is to answer it.

By the way, my post certainly did not violate any forum rule. They did not explain. There was no citation; no orderly ruling; no appeal.

It is genocide. If every white woman married a Negro, the white race would cease to exist. We need to face that fact. We must not let even a single one of our beauties go without a fight.

Nutrisystem's genocide

Nutrisystem’s genocide

So I called and canceled. The young man with a Hebraic accent I spoke to was very nice. He seemed genuinely surprised that I would quit over this issue, when I was evidently happy with the product.

And likewise, I am surprised that they would give up a two thousand dollar per year account just so as to keep pushing a political agenda that has nothing to do with selling diet products.

(I forthwith gained 25 pounds. That’s ok. I have lost it back, and found other ways to deal with it. Nutrisystem does “work” to a point. But not at this price.)

What is especially insidious about Nutrisystem’s pushing race-genocide is the particular white female model chosen. It is obviously not a strumpet, a “girl run wild.” It is a woman that more cuts the profile of a mid-western conservative housewife. She is with the Negro as if it were nothing unusual at all. This is Nutrisystem’s meme.

White man, start taking a stand on these issues. These people mean to put us out of existence. If not us, then the second generation after us.

If just ten people took the same stand, now they are facing $20,000 per year in lost revenue — needlessly. If just ten did it in each state on the average, then their genocide would be costing them a million dollars a year.

Even murderers have their price.

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  • Good for you in doing that. I would have done the same, although I think it is best to avoid such worldly institutions in the first place. I avoid businesses like this, along with Walmarx, McDonald’s, etc.

  • Add Gadsden & Culpepper, who is admittedly a purveyor of all sorts of Yankee and US Imperial military gear but from whom I could purchase my camo hats with Texas and Confederate patches on the front. I had to reply to an email ad they sent using a picture of a drunken Ben Franklin with two bikini clad women at his feet fawning all over him…naturally one a negress slave and the other an Anglo-Celtic princess. I told them it was despicable enough that I would no longer be patronizing their business. No huge loss but indicative of the continuing downgrade of our people’s view of themselves and their heritage. These interracial ads are a fast rising trend. I even saw one the other day that showed the very rare white male with a negro wife and they even included a mulatto son with a complexion that fit the white dad/negro mother combination.

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