Negro Appreciation Day

Posted by T on January 20, 2014

Here we go again. Westminster Seminary still honors the adulterous, unclean, theologically liberal hollow-man Plagiarist that represents everything (yes: everything) Machen strove against. Plus ça change…

WTS loves Marty

WTS loves Marty

Of course, so do the universities — which for most students means, we have an extra, and already much-needed, study day.

The Negro as Other is put “in your face” by this holiday, contrary to what you would expect from the anti-racist theme that laces all the rhetoric. No one — and I mean no one — would “have a dream” that Marty would be honored this way if everything were exactly the same as it is, except that Marty was not a Negro. It is all about the fact that he was a Negro, and above all, not White. He is defined by negation. He is… the Other. And it is appropriate to apply a completely different standard of greatness to an Other.

This is the same problem Simone de Beauvoir struggled with in Second Sex. She laments that woman has become Other, but the more she piles on her arguments, the more “Other” woman seems. She can only conclude with the lame, “despite our differentiation, we should affirm our brotherhood.” Wait… affirm our what?

De Beauvoir’s argument can be summarized, “women are people, too,” though oddly, the deeper you get into the book, the more you would wonder. In fact, we know that women are human because of Genesis 1, some facts about biological reproduction, and a certain — je ne sais quoi — intuition. If we had to rely on de Beauvoir only, we might genuinely come to doubt this. Women are human, but if de Beauvoir is right, they are certainly very different than the other kind of humans.

Are Negroes human? Of course! We know it from Genesis, plus some facts about reproduction, plus a certain — je ne sais quoi — intuition. We know it.

Then why do we have Negro Appreciation Day, especially since (our rulers tell us) race is just a social construct? Why pause to celebrate “Negroes are people, too.” What’s there to celebrate about that? What does that have to do with us? It has to do with “us” because (our rulers tell us) “us” is also Negroes — except there are no Negroes, since race is just a social construct — but only if we remember that Negroes are Different, because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be celebrating anything about this man.

Whatever. Happy Negro Appreciation Day. I guess we can all use another day off.


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  • “Are Negroes human? Of course! We know it from Genesis, plus some facts about reproduction, plus a certain — je ne sais quoi — intuition. We know it.”

    I don’t see the connection. Negroes are not mentioned in Genesis, though they are mentioned in Jer. 13:23.

    Or are you presuming that Adam’s unique DNA/racial creation, contained within his genetics, the utterly different body systems, skeletal abnormalities, and olfactory stench of the Negroid… as well as the Da Vinci ‘icon of the Almighty’ [Gen. 1:27] that is the White Man?

    If so, how? Via Noah’s three sons? Via Cain’s wife? but Cain is forever cursed? And why is holding to a total ICR Worldview, the only viable alternative to Evolution? Did you know that Hodge and numerous other Evangelicals held to a ‘gap’ theory, that clearly acknowledged both the ‘preexisting hominids of the lesser races,’ as well as the ‘unique creation of Adam’s race, per the Biblical record?

    Or is the heresy of democracy influencing your Biblical exegetical model? But Jefferson penned his ‘all being equal’ while holding slaves, and considering that the White Man alone was the true recipient of that expression?

    I’d really, really like to know where you find Negro Equality with Caucasoid Adamics as being contained in the record of the PEOPLE (singular collective) of God.

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