Leo Frank: The Crime of the Century

Posted by T on August 17, 2015
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Hundred year anniversaries worth celebrating do not come up as often as one would think. Today is one of them: the hanging of child-molester and murderer Leo Frank.

The pervert dangles

The pervert dangles

The story is a great detective thriller, and those that have not stepped through the entire saga line by line should surely do so (see refs at bottom). Here is a quick summary.

Leo Jew Frank was the operating executive of the National Pencil Co. in Atlanta, and took the exploitation of goyish child labor to a new, twisted extreme on April 26, 1913. He himself was probably surprised that the encounter ended, not merely with orgasm, but with the death of young Mary Phagan. It is certain that she resisted to the death. With a steely, controlled panic, he first tried to frame his faithful Negro watchman Newt Lee. That ruse took the Atlanta detectives about two minutes to explode. The next natural suspect was Frank’s janitor Jim Conley. As Frank’s defense council intoned in the trial, Conley was a “dirty, filthy, black, drunken, lying nigger…”  (and continuing in language too scurrilous to be reprinted in a family blog like this one). That description may not have been entirely wrong. Conley was not an upright man, that is certain. He was in fact an accomplice after the fact. It is a tribute to the integrity of the South that it was able to rise above whatever prejudice against the Negro it had and, in pursuit of the truth and pure justice, bring Frank down.

To make a long story short, Frank was convicted by a jury presided over by a jewish judge, then the conviction was appealed at every step all the way to the Supreme Court of the US, which denied the complaint 7-2. Finally, from highly questionable motives, Governor Slaton commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.

Due to this wavering of the double-minded Governor Slaton, whose name should go down in infamy, the honorable men of Mary’s hometown of Marietta went down to the state pen, grabbed Frank’s jewish ass, brought him back to Marietta, and on August 17, 1915, hanged the pervert. The entire town conspired together in a blanket of silence that could not be penetrated by cop or private detective. It was the kinsman redeemer, finally acted out!

I absolutely love the touch of bringing the culprit back to Marietta to be hanged.

That was a nation; we no longer are.

A century ago, the Georgians put the word out: molest one of our girls, we will hunt you down. Today, a story like this might not even make the  local news.

The reason Frank’s lurid and perverted crime is arguably the crime of the century, not just a local tale of the macabre, is because of what took place in New York and Chicago, not Atlanta. The entire process was accompanied and fostered by a full-court press from the national jewish media, including jewish moguls Schiff, Ochs, and Abbel. It became the first media blitz by jewish interests working as a team, and for no other purpose than to establish that jews may, as the Talmud teaches, molest and even murder shickse. It’s not that they think jews should go around slaughtering goyim, any more than we say that one should go around slaughtering cattle. But if (however lamentably) it happens, the goyim dare not lay a finger on them in retaliation.

They pulled out all the stops. All the jewish newspapers came out with “revelations” simultaneously; they engaged world-famous detectives armed with spreading-around money to get witnesses to change their stories; Arthur Jew Lasker the advertising expert came up with marketing slogans; completely-fabricated rumors about crowd chants were circulated; pressure on politicians and judges alike was exerted from all directions at once; non-cooperating Gentile papers were threatened with advertising boycotts. The pliable William Randolph Hearst caved immediately.

All for naught. We were still a nation then.

As a result of it all, the odious “Anti-Defamation League” — whose actual job is to defame Christians and ensure that jews are utterly beyond criticism — was founded. (I guess we are to think their defamation of Jim Conley was for a good cause, and doesn’t count.)

What is amazing, is that the pressure continued without surcease right up until Georgia unwisely capitulated with a partial pardon in 1986. Aryans simply have no natural defense against such an unrelenting blitzkrieg. (The brow-beaten Georgians had enough integrity, however, only to apologize for the lynching, not for the conviction.)

Most “mainstream” (read: jew-approved) historians have of course taken Frank’s side. It is worth reading some of their narratives after reading the compendious summary by Jones. Invariably, they highlight some minutiae of evidence (Stover got there at 1:10; Phagan couldn’t have gotten there before 1:11; some slang term was “entirely unknown to Northern whites [sic] such as Frank,” and on and on.) Naturally, the court traffics in these kinds of details, for that is all they have. But real humans can piece together what happened despite such “difficulties.” This is exactly why we need trial by jury.  (Just last month my language class broke into small groups to compose a “newspaper article” on some fantasy, and it is very obvious to me how one party suggests, the other amplifies or counter-suggests, and finally the designated writer [Conley in this case] writes it down.) People may have made the wrong assumption about which street car, and so forth. After reading the defenders of the pervert, see the excellent summary narrative by Tom Watson.

Right on the heels of their complete takeover of American money in the establishment of the Fed, this story was, in short, the opening salvo in the century of jewish aggression against Christian and Gentile nations. The hundred-year mark always brings hope of a new wind. Could our century of captivity be nearing an end?

May the dangling corpse be our portent of coming liberation!

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The most riveting summary is contained in “The Leo Frank Trial,” chapter 17 of E. Michael Jones’ Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (South Bend: Fidelity, 2008). Based on the footnotes, this is heavily dependent on Steve Oney, And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank (NY: Pantheon, 2003)


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