Supreme Court Rejects Fag Marriage in a Landslide

Posted by WCF guys on June 28, 2015
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The goyish part of the Court, that is.

The Gentiles on the Supreme Court voted against imposition of fag marriage by a 4-2 margin. This is 2/3, known in parliamentary jargon as a super-majority. A landslide.

If, as some think, Sotomayor is a converso, then the Gentile vote is even more lop-sided: 4-1 against imposition of faggotry.

Think about that deeply. We are ruled by an alien, subversive tribe. We are ruled by them.


Patton and the Sad Sack

Posted by T on May 24, 2015
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Jews-only games are fine, just fine! Wunderbar in fact!

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Donald Sterling Meme

Posted by T on May 01, 2014
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Donald Jew Sterling is wrong, but only where the kikenpress is silent.

  • He is married. He shouldn’t have a girlfriend.
  • But moreover, he shouldn’t say it’s ok for a nigger to bang his girlfriend.

Let niggers come to the game, but not mess with his woman. He got it exactly backward.

Of course, the girlfriend herself is a Negress. It’s “complicated,” as they say. Apparently he wants to “think of” her as a “delicate Latina.” The crime he committed, I guess, is thinking that there is such a thing as Latina in distinction from Negress or White. Something like that.

The story is too bizarrely trivial to be real. It has to be a deliberate setup for the purpose of planting memes.

Express a racial preference in a private conversion, get fined 2.5 million dollars. That’s the first meme.

The second meme is Adam Jew Silver lecturing the unwashed goyim about ethics, and levying fines (or should we say, Levi-ing fines?) “This is why we are the chosen people. We have to teach them about justice.” (pronounce with appropriate nasal whine)


I suspect Sterling himself is in on the scam. The fact that he too is a hebe may be more relevant than first meets the eye. Otherwise, what’s the odds of a private conversation being caught like that? (Except of course for NSA, but that is not who was credited.) He is going to make millions on the forced sale. Who knows, maybe they knew the publicity would increase the sale price even more. Maybe they all win: Sterling, the NBA, the other owners. Only the public loses.

It is all fake. It is street theater.

But it is not very good theater. It’s boring. C’mon Rulers! You can do better than this. Even cattle deserve better entertainment than this.

Throw some popcorn kernels at them.

Make no mistake. There is no “public outrage.” There is only the kikenmedia saying there is a “public outrage.” Now among tepid, turgid Christians, on the other hand…

The predictable response of Dishonest Doug is worth a quick gander. The lie begins with the very first sentence: “I really should say something about [the] outrage-fest that has mostly concluded over in the NBA and its environs..”

No. This has nothing to do with the NBA. There is no “over in the NBA,” and there are no “environs” of the NBA.  It has to do with Kikenville, in which village Dishonest Doug is a highly honored dignitary.

He finds a couple rumpled-nose Wm. F. Buckleyisms to twist and writhe over, in “concern.”

But the bottom line is secure: racists are scum and deserve no pity and no quarter. “Lynch mobs sometimes hang guilty people.”

And this just days after he wrote this:

So what many Christians are failing to realize is that all the hubbub surrounding pc-language, giving offense, microaggressions, and so on, is a transparent trick that is being run on clueless conservatives. The bad team is the bad team, but they are not the stupid team. That honor goes elsewhere.

There’s no cure for the double-minded.


Nutrisystem Genocide

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Put down that baseball bat, nasty felon

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Hurray Buffalo!

Posted by T on June 09, 2012
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When Dabney some years after the war saw the people of Richmond come out en masse and loudly cheer a veterans parade, he exclaimed, “there’s life in the old land yet.”

So it is when I saw the news clip of an interview from Buffalo.

It’s the video on the left. Never mind the kikenheadline. That’s par for the course.

Jews must have gone slack-jawed when they saw it. “Oy veh, fifty years of propaganda and this goy doesn’t even know the ABCs yet!”

Imagine: a white man publicly standing up for his people, and doing it with calm confidence, without apology, without blushing, without stammering, staring down the whiny twit that is almost speechless with amazement.

Everywhere, people are waking up! There’s life in the old land yet!

Blame TSA for bad breath

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Obama: Let the Killing Resume

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A Zero-Option for Iran

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There Shall be No Night: A Play for the New Deal

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Holocaust Denial and neo-Nazism

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Our fearless leaders strike back… with their hankies

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