Leo Frank: The Crime of the Century

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Hundred year anniversaries worth celebrating do not come up as often as one would think. Today is one of them: the hanging of child-molester and murderer Leo Frank.

The pervert dangles

The pervert dangles

The story is a great detective thriller, and those that have not stepped through the entire saga line by line should surely do so (see refs at bottom). Here is a quick summary.

Leo Jew Frank was the operating executive of the National Pencil Co. in Atlanta, and took the exploitation of goyish child labor to a new, twisted extreme on April 26, 1913. He himself was probably surprised that the encounter ended, not merely with orgasm, but with the death of young Mary Phagan. It is certain that she resisted to the death. With a steely, controlled panic, he first tried to frame his faithful Negro watchman Newt Lee. That ruse took the Atlanta detectives about two minutes to explode. The next natural suspect was Frank’s janitor Jim Conley. As Frank’s defense council intoned in the trial, Conley was a “dirty, filthy, black, drunken, lying nigger…”  (and continuing in language too scurrilous to be reprinted in a family blog like this one). That description may not have been entirely wrong. Conley was not an upright man, that is certain. He was in fact an accomplice after the fact. It is a tribute to the integrity of the South that it was able to rise above whatever prejudice against the Negro it had and, in pursuit of the truth and pure justice, bring Frank down.

To make a long story short, Frank was convicted by a jury presided over by a jewish judge, then the conviction was appealed at every step all the way to the Supreme Court of the US, which denied the complaint 7-2. Finally, from highly questionable motives, Governor Slaton commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.

Due to this wavering of the double-minded Governor Slator, whose name should go down in infamy, the honorable men of Phagan’s hometown of Marietta went down to the state pen, grabbed Frank’s jewish ass, brought him back to Marietta, and on August 17, 1915, hanged the pervert. The entire town conspired together in a blanket of silence that could not be penetrated by cop or private detective. It was the kinsman redeemer, finally acted out!

I absolutely love the touch of bringing the culprit back to Marietta to be hanged.

That was a nation; we no longer are.

A century ago, the Georgians put the word out: molest one of our girls, we will hunt you down. Today, a story like this would not even make the national papers.

The reason Frank’s lurid and perverted crime is arguably the crime of the century, not just a local tale of the macabre, is because of what took place in New York and Chicago, not Atlanta. The entire process was accompanied and fostered by a full-court press from the national jewish media, including jewish moguls Schiff, Ochs, and Abbel. It became the first media blitz by jewish interests working as a team, and for no other purpose than to establish that jews may, as the Talmud teaches, molest and even murder shickse. It’s not that they think jews should go around slaughtering goyim, any more than we say that one should go around slaughtering cattle. But if (however lamentably) it happens, the goyim dare not lay a finger on them in retaliation.

They pulled out all the stops. All the jewish newspapers came out with “revelations” simultaneously; they engaged world-famous detectives armed with spreading-around money to get witnesses to change their stories; Arthur Jew Lasker the advertising expert came up with marketing slogans; completely-fabricated rumors about crowd chants were circulated; pressure on politicians and judges alike was exerted from all directions at once; non-cooperating Gentile papers were threatened with advertising boycotts. The pliable William Randolph Hearst caved immediately.

All for naught. We were still a nation then.

As a result of it all, the odious “Anti-Defamation League” — whose actual job is to defame Christians and ensure that jews are utterly beyond criticism — was founded. (I guess we are to think their defamation of Jim Conley was for a good cause, and doesn’t count.)

What is amazing, is that the pressure continued without surcease right up until Georgia unwisely capitulated with a partial pardon in 1986. Aryans simply have no natural defense against such an unrelenting blitzkrieg. (The brow-beaten Georgians had enough integrity, however, only to apologize for the lynching, not for the conviction.)

Most “mainstream” (read: jew-approved) historians have of course taken Frank’s side. It is worth reading some of their narratives after reading the compendious summary by Jones. Invariably, they highlight some minutiae of evidence (Stover got there at 1:10; Phagan couldn’t have gotten there before 1:11; some slang term was “entirely unknown to Northern whites [sic] such as Frank,” and on and on.) Naturally, the court traffics in these kinds of details, for that is all they have. But real humans can piece together what happened despite such “difficulties.” This is exactly why we need trial by jury.  (Just last month my language class broke into small groups to compose a “newspaper article” on some fantasy, and it is very obvious to me how one party suggests, the other amplifies or counter-suggests, and finally the designated writer [Conley in this case] writes it down.) People may have made the wrong assumption about which street car, and so forth. After reading the defenders of the pervert, see the excellent summary narrative by Tom Watson.

Right on the heels of their complete takeover of American money in the establishment of the Fed, this story was, in short, the opening salvo in the century of jewish aggression against Christian and Gentile nations. The hundred-year mark always brings hope of a new wind. Could our century of captivity be nearing an end?

May the dangling corpse be our portent of coming liberation!

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The most riveting summary is contained in “The Leo Frank Trial,” chapter 17 of E. Michael Jones’ Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (South Bend: Fidelity, 2008). Based on the footnotes, this is heavily dependent on Steve Oney, And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank (NY: Pantheon, 2003)


There is Life in the Old Land(s) Yet!

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The confederate battle flag surrender made the front page of the mighty Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The title of the post is “Gone with the Wind.” There wasn’t much information beyond the facts known to everyone. Of cFAZ Conf flagourse, the Germans know Mitchell’s book or at least the movie, and they are smart enough to wonder: how many times can the wind blow it away? Maybe there’s something there that is not blowing away…

However, can it be a coincidence that just now there is a full scale press against racism in Germany? Actually, given the flood of migrants, which began before the South Carolina tempest, it could be a coincidence. However, that flood is also engineered, and anyhow the press knows how not to waste any opportunity, even an unplanned one.

Spiegel had two different covers you could pick from, each a tear-jerker. Here is one. Spiegel negroThe cover shows a wild negro with the title “Greedy? Hungry” (the alliteration is lost in English) and the subtitle ”hatred of foreigners poisons Germany.” Just like here, the news media no longer even pretend to distinguish between facts and agitprop. The idea is that Germans should replace their perfectly reasonable suspicion that these “asylum seekers” are actually just seeking asylum from the fruits of their own degenerate culture, and coming to northern Europe where there is a generous and permanent dole for anyone that can make it. No, says Spiegel: they are hungry, and “we” need to do something about it.

The second cover is on the Welt, Welt negrowhich is one of the most powerful newspapers aimed at the educated class.

Here we see them quite magnanimously wondering why “in us all” a racist is still to be found. It is depicted graphically with graffiti-covered faces, naming stereotypes that each race might have about the other.

But note well: as always in race-mixers’ propaganda, the combination set forth is a Negro and an Aryaness. It is never an Aryan and a Negress, let alone other combinations with Orientals or Hispanics. Whether Ken Ham or Germany-injected jews, this is what they want: the cuckolding of the White male, and the appeasement of the Negro by giving him free access to white women.

The grafitti is particularly insidious in this regard. On the Negro is shown “frauenfeind” or “hateful to women.” This is supposed to be what the racist Aryaness thinks when she sees a nigger, and the lesson is clearly, she should try to develop the contrary feeling next time: “I must not think this man is hateful toward women, and to show that I really don’t think that, I should try to do something nice.” This is the meme.

In turn, the Aryaness has words like “arrogant,” “cold” that the Negro allegedly thinks when he sees a White woman. Which is absurd, since Negroes don’t think this at all: quite the contrary. But the meme is aimed at her, not the nigger (who won’t be reading this paper anyhow). She is to react with feminine warmth to compensate: “oh I’m not arrogant and cold; what can I do to show it to this poor African-German.”

So the kikenpress is in full gear in Germany, browbeating the poor Germans, whose country is being stolen from under them for the third time in a century. The genius of the kikenregime is having the CDU, headed by Frau Merkel, in power during all this. How are the Germans to vote themselves out of this situation? If they vote for a right-wing party, they fear, just like here, that that is a vote for the socialist SPD, which is even more violently trying to displace the Germans from their own land. It is truly deplorable, even worse than here. The same, only more so, as Yogi Berra would say.

Imagine my surprise as I sat dazed in the S-bahn to see through the window a confederate flag flapping in the breeze. I had to track it down — no small effort, as it turned out. But here she is.DSC00817

Twice more I saw one, including one in Wittenberg. Thus, I spotted as many in Germany in four weeks as I think I ever have seen in Georgia.

Though Germany is even more tightly jew-controlled than us, the channels of communication are a bit different, and thus the word on “how one is to think of the confederate flag in the twentieth century” hasn’t filtered all the way down to the lowest level of goyim yet.

In fairness, the lady off the S-bahn claimed it had to do with a dance club she and her husband used to attend. But I’m doubtful. They don’t even dance any more. Sounds like a cover story to me.

DSC00916I think the Confederate battle flag, due to its beautiful design, coupled with even a modicum of knowledge of the war for southern independence, is in fact a primal symbol of freedom, of defiance to the regnant paradigm. Those that are humans and have not had the spirit kicked out of them reach for it instinctively.

Our peoples need to link arms.

It is heartening to see that there is a core left in both places.

There is life in the old lands yet!


Supreme Court Rejects Fag Marriage in a Landslide

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The goyish part of the Court, that is.

The Gentiles on the Supreme Court voted against imposition of fag marriage by a 4-2 margin. This is 2/3, known in parliamentary jargon as a super-majority. A landslide.

If, as some think, Sotomayor is a converso, then the Gentile vote is even more lop-sided: 4-1 against imposition of faggotry.

Think about that deeply. We are ruled by an alien, subversive tribe. We are ruled by them.


Patton and the Sad Sack

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Jews-only games are fine, just fine! Wunderbar in fact!

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Donald Sterling Meme

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Donald Jew Sterling is wrong, but only where the kikenpress is silent.

  • He is married. He shouldn’t have a girlfriend.
  • But moreover, he shouldn’t say it’s ok for a nigger to bang his girlfriend.

Let niggers come to the game, but not mess with his woman. He got it exactly backward.

Of course, the girlfriend herself is a Negress. It’s “complicated,” as they say. Apparently he wants to “think of” her as a “delicate Latina.” The crime he committed, I guess, is thinking that there is such a thing as Latina in distinction from Negress or White. Something like that.

The story is too bizarrely trivial to be real. It has to be a deliberate setup for the purpose of planting memes.

Express a racial preference in a private conversion, get fined 2.5 million dollars. That’s the first meme.

The second meme is Adam Jew Silver lecturing the unwashed goyim about ethics, and levying fines (or should we say, Levi-ing fines?) “This is why we are the chosen people. We have to teach them about justice.” (pronounce with appropriate nasal whine)


I suspect Sterling himself is in on the scam. The fact that he too is a hebe may be more relevant than first meets the eye. Otherwise, what’s the odds of a private conversation being caught like that? (Except of course for NSA, but that is not who was credited.) He is going to make millions on the forced sale. Who knows, maybe they knew the publicity would increase the sale price even more. Maybe they all win: Sterling, the NBA, the other owners. Only the public loses.

It is all fake. It is street theater.

But it is not very good theater. It’s boring. C’mon Rulers! You can do better than this. Even cattle deserve better entertainment than this.

Throw some popcorn kernels at them.

Make no mistake. There is no “public outrage.” There is only the kikenmedia saying there is a “public outrage.” Now among tepid, turgid Christians, on the other hand…

The predictable response of Dishonest Doug is worth a quick gander. The lie begins with the very first sentence: “I really should say something about [the] outrage-fest that has mostly concluded over in the NBA and its environs..”

No. This has nothing to do with the NBA. There is no “over in the NBA,” and there are no “environs” of the NBA.  It has to do with Kikenville, in which village Dishonest Doug is a highly honored dignitary.

He finds a couple rumpled-nose Wm. F. Buckleyisms to twist and writhe over, in “concern.”

But the bottom line is secure: racists are scum and deserve no pity and no quarter. “Lynch mobs sometimes hang guilty people.”

And this just days after he wrote this:

So what many Christians are failing to realize is that all the hubbub surrounding pc-language, giving offense, microaggressions, and so on, is a transparent trick that is being run on clueless conservatives. The bad team is the bad team, but they are not the stupid team. That honor goes elsewhere.

There’s no cure for the double-minded.


Nutrisystem Genocide

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Hurray Buffalo!

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When Dabney some years after the war saw the people of Richmond come out en masse and loudly cheer a veterans parade, he exclaimed, “there’s life in the old land yet.”

So it is when I saw the news clip of an interview from Buffalo.

It’s the video on the left. Never mind the kikenheadline. That’s par for the course.

Jews must have gone slack-jawed when they saw it. “Oy veh, fifty years of propaganda and this goy doesn’t even know the ABCs yet!”

Imagine: a white man publicly standing up for his people, and doing it with calm confidence, without apology, without blushing, without stammering, staring down the whiny twit that is almost speechless with amazement.

Everywhere, people are waking up! There’s life in the old land yet!

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