Book. Richard Maybury, World War 1.

Posted by T on May 29, 2016
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This is an introduction to WW1 purporting to be written as a series of letters by Continue reading…

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America and the Sicilian Mafia

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Today is the 127th anniversary of Continue reading…


Dresden still on my mind

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Today is the 71st anniversary of the day the British napalmed Carnival-costumed children Continue reading…


Leo Frank: The Crime of the Century

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Hundred year anniversaries worth celebrating do not come up Continue reading…


Garibaldi: The Escape from Rome

Posted by T on August 08, 2014
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George Macaulay Trevelyan’s narration of the life of Garibaldi Continue reading…


DVD: The Nazis: A Warning from History, disc 1

Posted by T on January 03, 2013
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You can order this documentary from Netflix or even watch it free online by doing a google search. Continue reading…

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Ezra Pound

Posted by T on July 07, 2012
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Ezra Pound is credited with defining and promulgating Continue reading…


Griffin on 9-11 and Faith

Posted by T on September 15, 2011
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being a review of David Ray Griffin: Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 Continue reading…

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Thou Shalt Not Remember Dresden

Posted by T on February 13, 2010
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Pausing to remember with sorrow and respect the slaughter of Dresden by the Allies Continue reading…


The Prima Facie Case for Holocaust Research

Posted by T on January 30, 2010
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The “holocaust” story Continue reading…

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The Baader-Meinhof Gang: Movie and Introduction

Posted by T on December 26, 2009
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The movie Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex, 2008, chronicles the first and most Continue reading…

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The Hamites and the Hitler

Posted by T on October 05, 2009
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In the book under review, Ham et al. make the inevitable appeal to Hitler Continue reading…

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WW2 Eastern Front: An Introduction

Posted by 2 on September 19, 2009
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Click on the links for a discussion of the war on the Eastern Front. This was Continue reading…

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How many in Dresden did Churchill & Harris actually murder?

Posted by T on February 13, 2009
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This year’s Dresden Memorial Day reflection will be Continue reading…

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What is non-violence?

Posted by T on January 19, 2009
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Last year to celebrate today’s holiday I outlined Michael “Martin Luther” King’s chronic cheatin’ ways, exemplified in Continue reading…

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