Augustine Updated: The Origin, Progress, and Destiny of the City of Corona

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Its Origin

The question is whether at its origin it is a random natural mutation of some virus that started to spread out by natural association, or an intentional creation of evil men. The girls at Yahoo have already declared the answer to this. A word or two needs to be said to author Kate Holland. First, you should not feign a scolding, personal tone in your headline. You are a bimbette. It is your part to listen and learn, not scold. Second, wondering if the virus was created in a lab is an historical hypothesis, not a conspiracy theory. It is a perfectly natural question to raise, even if the answer turns out to be negative. Third, the virus being a “lab construct” is not the same concept as being a conspiracy. It could escape from a lab in a variety of ways not involving a conspiracy — by accident, or by the machinations of a single perp. Conversely, it could involve a conspiracy while not being a “lab construct.” Labs hold all kinds of naturally-occurring pestilences, not excluding even the Bubonic Plague. In short, there is no entailment in either direction between conspiracy and lab construct. Finally, Bimbette, does it not make you wonder why a “study” was conducted on this question just now by medical scientists, rather than them working frantically on a vaccine, cure, better analysis, or just general aid to the distressed? It’s almost as if they had an answer in search of a proof.

I conclude that the question of the origin is still an open one. But we should defer the reflection on this question until we have digested its progress and destiny.

Its Progress

What is concerning is how much of the national hysteria is driven by words, not facts. Words like “people are going to die unless we do something.” But people are going to die from all kinds of things, such as
the flu
building bridges
a hundred other causes
none of which causes us to stop working and cower in our houses.

There is also the problem of large numbers, that dwarf numbers people encounter in their everyday lives.

There are words about “exponential growth.”

There are scary maps, showing ever-widening red blobs proportional to the number of cases. It threatens to engulf the whole world.

I will address each of these below.

But first, look at how quickly the narrative congealed. I was wearing a face mask at work a couple weeks before anyone was paying any attention. People would laugh and offer me the “high-five.” So I am not a congenital skeptic. What triggered my spidey sense was how quickly the Left fell into consensus on this. It’s like there was a dog-whistle. They all fell right in line instantly. The further to the left, the quicker and more dogmatically they jumped on board and furthered the story. But leftists don’t know any more about epidemiology than rightists do. Clearly, they are triggering on something other than the virus.

Of course, by now, many conservatives have joined the panic. But that is an effect of the hysteria, not its cause.

I’ve stopped wearing the face masks, by the way.

We have seen a consolidation of statist power at every level of government such as has not been witnessed since the Bolshevik Revolution — and all in a matter of days. Trump looks like a deer caught in the headlights. His prepared remarks are awkward and stumbling — they remind me of Dan Seymour’s reading of Humphrey Bogart’s demands in To Have and Have Not. Only when he goes off script, to expand on an idea, or in response to a question, do we see the old Trump flash through the mask. (And what a refreshing breeze those zephyrs are. What a blow to judaism it must have been when he let it slip that he hoped Easter would be the day of liberation. “No no, Mr President, the churches are to be shut down. Shut down, I tell you. Listen to the experts!”)

I suspect his hands have some blood on them — not through evil intent, but from having been misled — and he is being blackmailed. “Go along with our plan, Mr. Trump, and we won’t leak the real story.”

First they tried to annul the election, before he was even inaugurated. Then it was a daily litany about “the Russians,” for two straight years. That finally disintegrated. Then it was the impeachment. Everything failed. Now (I suspect) they are willing to destroy western civilization to get their way. Such is the deep rage jews experience when someone, anywhere, does not submit to their narrative and rule. Let alone, the President of the United States.

He is a very smart guy, and with his instincts, he might defeat them yet. Just today, there are leaks that he might declare a forced quarantine — for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut only! (Oh, that would be sweet.)

Let’s discuss some of the rhetoric of the City of Corona alluded to above.

Large numbers

There can be 35,000 deaths from traffic fatalities per year. That’s about 3,000 per month. That means, by the time this is published, we could easily have 9,000 deaths from traffic fatalities this year so far. But the total number of deaths from Corona (many of which are actually from a parallel cause) has only just topped 2,000! It seems like we should shut down all highways — perhaps permanently!

And keep remembering: the vast majority of deaths “from Coronavirus” are actually from something else, to which the Corona simply applied the death thrust.

Exponential growth

First, a line that is flat zero for years and then starts to move upward is not an exponential, and cannot be. An exponential reaches its asymptote gradually, not suddenly.

Oh, they say, it is only exponential-like, starting sometime after its growth.

First, any line that is flat zero and then starts to move upward will “look kinda like” an exponential for a brief period if you zoom in close enough.

A property of an exponential is that it keeps doubling after the same interval. Say there are 120,000 cases in the US, as they are currently reporting. Say it is exponential, with a doubling every week. Then in less than 12 weeks, everyone in America will be infected. Do the math yourself. This is the nature of doubling. If you double the number, starting with 120,000, you exceed the population of the US in less than 12 doublings.

Then, with a 2% mortality rate, 6 million will be dead, soon after 12 weeks.

No one believes this.

But some of these tyrants are saying that it is doubling every few days!

So therefore it cannot be exponential. This is the Mississippi delta fallacy pointed out by Mark Twain over a hundred years ago. (He pointed out that extrapolating the delta fill-in rate, the whole Gulf of Mexico would soon be solid land.)

They are lying.

The scary maps with the red blobs

But the flu still infects many more people: On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced there have been at least 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths from the flu in the U.S. so far this season. Of the deaths, 144 were children. NBC

Consider that flu that put you down for a week three years ago. Almost certainly, it did not start with you, but it started somewhere. Say the mutation happened in Hong Kong. It started to spread as flus are wont to do. Quickly, several thousand had it, many not even knowing it. Some businessmen flew to Houston, others to New York, others to San Francisco. The red dots started to move out from each of those places. Now it started leap-frogging about, from people flying, traveling, touring. Suddenly, there were red dots all over the country (and world). One of these expanding dots was Akron, Ohio. And finally, the bug bit you, minding your own business there in Canton.

Of course, they didn’t make an animated map then. But what if they had? Reporting the number of deaths along the way. It would have been terrifying, like seeing a tidal wave approach that swept you away, and soon would cover the whole land.

What’s different here?

They say it is more contagious. But more contagious even after simple measures are taken, like wearing masks, covering when you sneeze, improving food handling, and avoiding unnecessary contact? Probabilities, like the pH of water, shift quickly by orders of magnitude.

Its Destiny

The destiny of the City of Corona can be summarized as to intent by watching a few hours of the governors and mayors of all the most virulent states in New York and New England and the Left Coast go on and on (as documented for example on the coronaVirusNow dot com channel), and which can be summarized very simply: “give us Stalinist power over the peasants, give us total dictatorial power over industry, transfer a third of the inheritance of your forefathers to bankers and Wall Street, and let us destroy the Church and perhaps even Western Civilization, and in return, we will let you have … lots of toilet paper.”

The mask of concern slips off long enough to see the fangs underneath, from time to time. Most chilling, because at once it also shows that we are being ruled by aliens, was the turbaned Sikh Attorney General of New Jersey glaring at and scolding the dirty goyim. There was hatred and vengeance in his eyes. “We have heard reports of price gouging, incidents of bias — and even of friends getting together to laugh and drink, in defiance of our pronouncement! They will be hunted down, fined, and even imprisoned! We are coming to get you!”

“But what about the virus, Attorney General Grewal?”

“Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. Yes, we are concerned about that too.”

People seem to just accept that every “authority” from the President down to the mayor of a podunk village can pretty much make any order he pleases. The Defense Production Act, of dubious constitutionality to begin with, is now pressed into service, though the virus has nothing to do with national defense. (Even tyrants desperately seem to want some piece of paper they can point to. Recall that at the height of the Soviet tyranny, they still wanted at least the show of trials.) What about the first amendment right of free assembly? If that can be suspended, what would they say if Trump also suspended the free press in view of the emergency?

Ours is the age of pictures or phrases with spring-loaded meaning that explode into vivid consciousness when triggered. These are called memes. We should review some of them.

  • The pictures of the spinning, spiky satellites that are supposed to be the virus. It gives it a sci-fi, alien, scary patina.
  • Churches shut down.
  • Bars shut down.
  • Restaurants shut down.
  • No more handshakes.
  • Criminals released from prison. 1,700 in LA County alone!
  • 60,000 homeless in LA county!
  • Spectators excluded from court. “We are unfortunately forced to hold secret court sessions.”
  • “White nationalists” caught conspiring to spray-infect people with it. (But wait… you mean it is really that easy to start? So what was your argument that it couldn’t be something intentionally planted by men?)
  • Beaches must all be closed down. “We can’t have people having fun even if they would be absorbing Vitamin-D and washing with salubrious salt-water. It’s an outrage. We want people to have a somber spirit as they give thanks for all we are doing.”

(One kid that joked too freely about it was forced by the jewish press to do an exaggeratedly contrite confession and publish it. Can’t be too careful about goy outbreaks of freedom — or even having too much fun.)

  • Mail-in ballots — for all

Particularly disheartening is the instant cave of nearly all branches of the church. Revoltingly, it is often couched in smarmy words about piety and submitting to God’s will. (If some men rise up and kill these tyrants, will they still say we should submit to God’s will?) I’m thinking, what we should pray for, is that the mayors and governors should start demanding that in view of the current emergency, all church goers should send their tithes to them! This might finally deliver the jolt that would wake the pastors up to what is happening.

I have some thoughts on how it should have been handled, and also how it still should be handled, but I have already been too prolix, and will defer that to another day.

King in Chicago

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The story of the Negro takeover of the northern cities is simple in broad outline, but complex in the detail. E. Michael Jones’ book The Slaughter of Cities required 668 pages counting indexes. Very few Americans of my acquaintance are aware of this history. People younger than around 50 probably assume that your typical American city has simply always been a Negro hellhole; they probably think that the few islands of civilization that still remain are the result of gentrification; but this is not at all the case. Most of the transformation took place during a typical Boomer’s lifetime. In addition, most people (except those actually raised in northern cities in the 50s and 60s) think that racial tension is a Southern thing. This is almost the opposite of the actual case. The South is unique in tempering the tensions of life near Negroes with some grace and humor. Its segregation was legal, leaving much room for affection in the gaps. Segregation in the North was not by law: it was all done at the street level, and left little place for affection. I will try to summarize the main outlines of the story, so everyone can at least be vaguely aware, and hopefully, have their appetites whetted to dive into Jones’ opus. It will require several posts. In this installment, I want to focus just on how Whites at that time were able to organize and push back, something that seems inconceivable today. It can serve as a note of encouragement on this day our rulers have set aside to honor this most wicked man, Martin Luther King, Jr.

First the bird’s eye view. There had been a trickle of Negro incursion into the North since the Civil War, but it was negligible compared to what was to come. World War II gave the double impetus for the mass migration: a large number of the country’s youth were drafted into the Army at the same time that there was a huge and artificial demand for industrial output. That is, there was a sudden increase in demand for factory labor at just the time that the local supply was crimped. The solution was to comb through the South and recruit sharecroppers with the lure of high factory wages and easier living. And recruited they were. Vast numbers of Negroes started pouring into virtually every northern industrial city. They continued to pour in after the war was over. The traditional ghettoes were bursting at the seams, so lots of new areas to live were needed.

So much for Act I, setting the stage for the conflict.

The prologue also needs to be written, and is not covered by Jones. This is the fact that the bulk of the Anglo-Saxon (and German and Scandinavian and Huguenot and Hungarian) Protestant people had drifted out to the suburbs, or soon would. The cities were settled in a quilt-like patchwork of specific ethnic, and Catholic, neighborhoods: Poles, Italians, Irish, Czechs, Lithuanians, each clustered in somewhat homogenous patches of the city, each with its parish cathedral.

Why the Protestants tended to diffuse while the Catholics tended to hang together ethnically is a story that I would love to learn about: I wish Mr. Jones might tackle that. For this book, it is taken as a presupposition.

We need to remember that the villains in the story are rarely the Negroes. Left to natural development, but hedged in by White culture, and the noose always waiting when needed, the Negroes would have settled in their own sections and lived relatively peaceful, happy lives, with jobs provided by Whites, police protection provided by Whites, welfare provided by Whites, medical care provided by Whites, and infrastructure provided by Whites. They would have worked enough to get by, made music and whoopy, gotten drunk, and taken naps.

No, the villains of the story, by which the Negro was turned into the unwitting shock troops for a relentless, physical war on American Christendom, are almost completely jews and White liberals, especially Quakers, but also the Catholic intelligentsia, the corrupted WASP establishment, Rockefeller, and the richly endowed foundations. Even the Negroes recruited into the war, such as King himself, were largely pawns of larger, sinister forces. This does not let Marin off the hook. King was a very evil man, but would have just been another locally-contained evil man, just another lascivious preacher, had it not been for his sponsorship by jews, communists, and other revolutionaries.

I want to focus on Chicago during King’s campaign. Lots of the Chicago story took place before King was ever on the scene, so some backfill will be needed later, but we need to honor the day.

In Chicago, the strategy followed by King and the civil rightsers in general had shifted from voter registration, which had been the focus in the South, to staging grand marches through white neighborhoods to protest — well, to protest what? Jones asks. That Poles exist and live there? What exactly were they protesting? “King’s gift for moving masses of people had now been grafted on a Quaker campaign of manipulating the real-estate market for political ends that only worked when no one knew it was occurring. This unthinking combination of the movement’s northern and southern strategies was a formula for disaster” (p. 504).

What King couldn’t seem to reckon with was the stiffness of the resistance that his marches were met with.

It is hard to imagine what happened, given our familiarity with passive and pudgy Whites that will accept any depredation with scarcely a whimper of protest. How different it was 50 years ago.

On Friday afternoon, fifty protesters arrived outside the Gage Park office of the Halvorsen Realty Company, fully intending to stay there until Saturday morning. Once darkness fell, the demonstrators realized that they had miscalculated when a mob of 1,000 angry counter-demonstrators surrounded them and began taunting them and pelting them with missiles of various sorts. When it became clear that the police were incapable of protecting the demonstrators, they persuaded them to break off their protest, which the protesters did, retreating to their cars under a hail of rocks and bottles.

The protesters responded to Friday’s failure by redoubling their efforts. This time instead of fifty demonstrators, they marched 500 into the neighborhood itself, creating another hostile mob which again unleashed another barrage of rocks and bottles, which this time hit both Al Raby and Jesse Jackson. (504)

However, what was particularly vicious about the second day’s protest is that it was preceded by a staged “inter-racial picnic” in a local park featuring Negroes consorting with Aryanesses, some of whom feigned being pregnant using pillows under their blouses. (It would be interesting to find out where the girls were recruited from — the University of Chicago’s Sociology Department?) This was clearly psychological terror, as having your way with the women is the primary mark of having conquered a people. The demonstration would have no impact on “housing,” it was just meant to demoralize (though it back-fired in this case, as Jones insightfully explains). But we need to be aware that the ceaseless depiction of Negroes with Aryanesses on TV, in advertisements, in movies, is part of a relentless campaign to humiliate and demoralize the White man. Knowing it will help you to resist, brother!

The same thing happened when Martin Luther King arrived back in town to lead the march against the Lithuanians in Marquette Park. King stepped out of his car and was almost immediately hit on the head with a rock, a blow which dropped him to his knees…. After the protesters parked their cars and marched off into the neighborhood to protest the fact that the people who lived there lived there, the Lithuanians located the easily identifiable cars of the outsiders who had just driven into the neighborhood and then dropped lighted flares in their gas tanks. The ensuing fires further demoralized the protesters by attacking them from the rear and cutting off, at least symbolically, their ability to retreat… All in all, fifteen automobiles were torched before the police brought the area under control. One policeman’s clearest memory of the Marquette Park march was Al Raby running for his life down 71st Street. (505)

Nevertheless, “the more he failed to achieve his goal, the more King redoubled his efforts along the same lines which caused the failure in the first place.”

The Lafayette Plan, on the other hand, favored the clandestine Quaker approach based on move-ins, and Lafayette was now convinced the King’s southern strategy was jeopardizing whatever gains the Quakers had already made in the Chicago area. King’s tactics ran the danger of making Catholics aware of the clandestine campaign that had already driven so many of them out of their neighborhoods. If they knew what was going on, they could stop it as effectively as they were in stopping King’s kamikaze-style marches. Unless the AFSC and SCLC differences are resolved, it was clear that the movement was about to fall apart.” (508)

The final lunge was to be a march through the section known as Cicero. This would be as symbolic as Selma, for the first anti-integration riots had famously occurred in Cicero over a decade earlier. Governor Kerner put the state police and National Guard on alert. The leadership chickened out, but the new breed of young Negroes defiantly went in anyway.

A rump group managed to round up 200 people and send them to Cicero, accompanied by 2,700 National Guard troops and 700 police who were more or less successful in keeping the much larger crowd of counter-demonstrators from killing them. When it became apparent that the march was going nowhere, the demonstrators beat a retreat under a steady barrage of rocks and bottles. (511)

“King was clearly shaken by his experience in Chicago” (511).

Unfortunately, King’s revolution had the full backing of the Army, Navy, and Air Force of the United States, and eventually prevailed.

There are many more details of the war that are instructive, and I will continue to highlight aspects from time to time. In this vignette, I for one was very encouraged to find out how effective men in a neighborhood can be in defending themselves. It is encouraging that when it was just local powers allied with King’s revolution, the people on the street were able to defeat this Negro communist handily. We need to form bonds that are rooted in family and locality, learn how to fight, and learn how to communicate with each other through the thick jamming noise that surrounds us.

Unfortunately, much of that noise comes from the modern church.

E. Michael Jones, The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing. (St. Augustine, South Bend, 2004)


Dresden Year 73

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On this day we should all pause and remember the deliberate destruction of Dresden 73 years ago.

Today I want to direct attention briefly to how the Lugenpress continues to spin things. Take a look at this short article from AP.  Six “neo-nazis” were beaten up by fifteen masked antifas in Dresden.

  • How do they know the six were neo-nazis? What does this word even denote precisely? There is no indication.
  • Note how they demonize the six by designating them as “neo-nazis” in every single mention, including the headline itself. They are not Germans that happen to hold this or that view, but neo-nazi is simply what they are.
  • The rally was by “far-right” extremists. But the attacking extremists are not “far-left.” They are simply leftist .
  • And what is a far-right extremist? For all we know, merely protesting the napalming of innocent civilians in Dresden is ipso facto enough to count as being both far-right and “extreme.”
  • Note that there is no indication that there was any violence on the part of the “neo-nazis” — and you can be sure that this would have been mentioned, nay emphasized, if there had been any.
  • There is no mention that any of the violent leftists were arrested. It is a police report, but the only thing we have on authority of the police is the designation “neo-nazi.” There is the subtle sub-text that they got what they deserved, and that it is a matter of indifference whether there were any consequences for the masked leftist gangsters.

This is the way the corporate mainstream media spins things. While pastors and politicians are silent, the corporations are ever more bold and open in their Satanism.

To all appearances, things look very dire for the European tribe.  Dresden was like a nightmare created by our rulers as an earnest for what is in store for us all unless we willingly become their smiley, ever-apologetic serfs.  Unless… God intervenes to rescue us. Pray. The hour is late.


Your assignment for celebrating Marin Lufer Keem day

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Go to Daily Stormer at least five times a day.

You get both the important news, and basic training in how to think. It is quite amazing.

The proof that this is the real deal is the fact that jews keep trying to get it shut down. It has gone through a dozen URL’s. (If it changes again, I will put the info in the comments.)

This very state of affairs indicates how dire things have become. It is not just that jews and their shabbos goys have so much power to begin with, but that there is no visible push-back from our leadership — not a peep of protest from our pastors, professors, or politicians. It is a serious concern that our people can be publicly bullied like this with the passive compliance not just of the robed leadership, but by implication, the army, navy and air force of the United States as well.

As in the book of Judges, this circumstance is destined to teach us that only God can rescue us from complete annihilation at the hands of these satanists. May He come quickly!

I think Andrew Anglin has Führer potential. It seems almost miraculous that he has been able, at such a young age, to cut through the thick smoke of semitic conditioning that surrounds our people from cradle to grave. He has not only done this in 1/3 the time it took me, but frankly my own thinking has been corrected by his insights a number of times, though I am three times his adult age.

Updated 2/3/18 — https://dailystormer.name



Russians to the rescue?

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I seriously doubt that the departments of our regime known as the CIA and FBI actually can prove that “the Russians” were behind the hacks of the DNC. However, it doesn’t really bother me much one way or the other. Several points need to be made.

1. As if the CIA isn’t doing this kind of thing and much much more continuously. It’s pretty shameless to make a fuss about others doing what they do every day.

2. Except that our regime’s interference in other nations destroys truth and starts wars. In contrast, this alleged “interference” by Russia exposes the truth and reduces the chance of wars.

3. The FBI was skeptical about the CIA’s claim, until their leaders met and Comey came to understand that Russia would have a “motive” for doing it (see around the sixth paragraph here for example).  As if motive proves deed!

4. The fact that they constantly mention Putin as a metonymy for “the Russian government” is almost proof that they are lying. For, how could they possibly know this? It is all just playing into their demonization of Putin. They probably don’t think they can overturn our election. The goal, however, is to plants memes for gaining support for future aggression against Russia and her allies.

5. If there was real concern about foreign influence on American politics, the role of Israel would occupy the next ten years of public hearings, before it would even be worth mentioning pikers like Russia. Imagine if there were an ARPAC equivalent to AIPAC. Imagine if every candidate of both parties made an obligatory trek to Moscow, kneeling down to kiss the holy Patriarch’s ring. Imagine if every debate and every speech had to mention Russia’s main policy concerns and hasten to be more prompt than the next candidate to express eternal fealty. Imagine if anyone opposing such subservience was shouted down as an “anti-Slavite” and driven out of office.

6. At the end of the day, the Wikileaks reveal truth. And “the truth is never unwholesome” as Dabney said. Now, hacking into (((Diebold machines))) and changing votes would be very bad. But the idea that you “interfere in American politics” by revealing the truth is quite amazing when you think about it.

The Electoral College

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Venerators of one-man one-vote democracy have long groused about the Electoral College. They think the President should be elected by a strict tally of individuals. But the Electoral College is a remnant of the old world, and as such needs to be preserved against the modern attack on it. Indeed, it should be beefed up.

When democracy started to re-emerge in the Middle Ages centuries after the demise of Athens, the idea was that two classes of men — nobles and clergy — would meet amongst their own to approve — or not — measures proposed by the king. The estates were active throughout the duchies and principalities of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, and the Emperor himself was elected. Later, a third “estate” — the townsmen — emerged in response to socio-economic developments. No estate could levy a tax on a different estate, nor could the king, without that estate’s cooperation. Similar developments took place in France and England. The United States were based on the model of people organized into, not estates, but states. This is what the Electoral College is all about.

One advantage is resisting regional domination. Suppose one candidate promises the westerners that he will create a water pipeline from the east to permanently solve their water problem. So nearly 100% of their population votes for that one, while the rest of the states are closely divided on this side or that, because other issues are more important to them. The Electoral College tends to minimize the imbalance: a modest but wide-spread majority will tend to overcome an overwhelming majority in one region. This remedy failed in the election of Lincoln with 40% of the popular vote, but that was due to the division of conservatives into three factions. No system is fail-safe.

Another reason why the Electoral College was sensible, nay absolutely necessary, can be illustrated very easily.

Many people think that before the 19th Amendment, women were not allowed to vote. This is not quite true. Before the 19th Amendment, each state could permit women to vote or not. Women voted in some states quite a while before the passage of the 19th Amendment. What the 19th Amendment did was say: you are not allowed to be a state unless you permit women to vote. That, and only that, is what the 19th Amendment accomplished.

Now imagine the situation before the 19th was passed, and let us suppose a populous state like New York allows women to vote, but the others do not. Instantly, there are twice as many eligible voters in New York than there were before. Yet the number of residents stays the same.

What the Electoral College does is quarantine each state, so that no matter how crazy they become internally, their overall effect on the vote is not exaggerated. The Electoral College prevents a competitive situation arising between states to expand their number of voters.

It might be thought that by making the qualifications for voting uniform nationally, this problem goes away. However, why should we want national uniformity of voting standards? The 26th amendment gave 18-year-olds the right to vote, based on a specious argument about the draft: if you can be forced to die for your country, you ought at least to be able to help choose those who can start wars. (But girls and pointy-heads were not drafted: if the reasoning were honest, it would have said instead, “anyone who has served in the military is eligible to vote.” Moreover, why does the Left think 18 year-olds are wise enough to choose a President, but cannot be trusted to buy beer?) Let such reasoning be confined to the sillier states — but without increasing their share of the total vote. A uniform standard doesn’t help anyway. A crazy place like California can invite millions of aliens in and let them vote. Dead people have been voting in Baltimore and Philadelphia for decades. We don’t want those deads and aliens canceling out our votes.

Of course, the Electoral College as currently defined is only a partial sandbag against California craziness — every ten years, a new census leads to a greater apportionment of delegates, even if they don’t vote. So the Electoral College as currently defined is not enough of a sandbag against unjust influence of the crazies. Here is my modest proposal for reforming it therefore. Let each state have exactly one vote in the Electoral College. That would be better.

The Californians scream, that’s not fair! look at all the people we have!


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