Your assignment for celebrating Marin Lufer Keem day

Posted by T on January 15, 2018
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Go to Daily Stormer at least five times a day.

You get both the important news, and basic training in how to think. It is quite amazing.

The proof that this is the real deal is the fact that jews keep trying to get it shut down. It has gone through a dozen URL’s. (If it changes again, I will put the info in the comments.)

This very state of affairs indicates how dire things have become. It is not just that jews and their shabbos goys have so much power to begin with, but that there is no visible push-back from our leadership — not a peep of protest from our pastors, professors, or politicians. It is a serious concern that our people can be publicly bullied like this with the passive compliance not just of the robed leadership, but by implication, the army, navy and air force of the United States as well.

As in the book of Judges, this circumstance is destined to teach us that only God can rescue us from complete annihilation at the hands of these satanists. May He come quickly!

I think Andrew Anglin has Führer potential. It seems almost miraculous that he has been able, at such a young age, to cut through the thick smoke of semitic conditioning that surrounds our people from cradle to grave. He has not only done this in 1/3 the time it took me, but frankly my own thinking has been corrected by his insights a number of times, though I am three times his adult age.

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