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When I hear the word “anti-Semitism,” I reach for my revolver

Posted by T on July 21, 2007
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but for a reason opposite to that of the Semite-worshippers that are also seen to be grabbing their pistols.

My thesis is very simple: the term anti-semitism exploits an equivocation between race and religion that sets up the discourse for fallacious inferences. Moreover, the privileged status that this term has over others in its genre is itself an indication of the racism of those that recklessly purvey it. Continue reading…


Movie. Gentleman’s Agreement, 1947.

Posted by T on March 13, 2007
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Gregory Peck is a newspaper feature-writer assigned to write on “anti-semitism.” He decides to investigate the subject by pretending to be a Jew in his daily life, and observing how others react to that fact. Doing so, he discovers “anti-semitism” bursting Continue reading…