Movie. Southern Belles, 2005.

Posted by T on August 26, 2006
By Title, Movies

I checked this out on a peradventure, feeling one day a lonely need to hear a southern accent. I was sadly disappointed.

Trying no doubt to be funny, this movie spoofs the South by a continuous mocking of Christianity, including the frequent taking of the Savior’s name.  Even Santa– which we of course reject, but which, let the viewer beware, does function as a Christian symbol for the Hollywood ignoramuses that serve up this stuff– is made more vulgar by walking around in boxer shorts.

The store’s “Chanuka in August” campaign is something only self-important Hollywood could have thought of. 98% of Americans don’t give Chanuka a thought even in December– and that includes a goodly number of Jews.

The sappy love story of the main girl (Laura Breckenridge) is deconstructed by a pseudo-reality post-production faux-interview, in which everything that might have had a bit of charm in the movie is rendered base.



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