Hancock (Movie, 2008)

Posted by T on November 29, 2008
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At first blush, this appears to be a “super-hero” flick in the genre of Spiderman, Superman, etc. But this super-hero, who can fly and deflect bullets and missiles, is a surly, Negro alcoholic. An altruistic PR man takes him under his wings and trains him to be more open to other people and to “share” in prison group-therapy sessions. But when the “super-hero” meets the PR man’s wife, it is a Siegmund-Sieglinde moment.

This super-hero did not drop in from Mars, nor was he bitten by a magic spider. It turns out he is an angel, or a god, whatever. These gods were made in pairs, but when paired in marital bliss, they lost their immortality and were systematically wiped out as a result. This particular god was severely beaten by some Miami bigots, and lost his memory. His Aryan-goddess mate took advantage of this amnesia to separate, thus restoring their immortality, so they might both be saved. The nigger-god eventually learns the truth, and self-sacrificially removes himself from his rightful blond goddess, so that they might both live and do deeds of righteousness. He is thus not only a god, but a Christ-like, self-sacrificing god at that. The first act of his new regimen is performing a miracle that will aid the PR-man in his campaign to spread a socialist-utopian vision under the marketing label “AllHeart.”

Looked at abstractly, the question must be raised, why did the Christ-god giving up his Aryan goddess have to be a Negro? Would not the story have made just as much sense if he had been a white god?

To ask it is to answer it. This is Hollywood. And Hollywood is nothing if not on a mission to reconstruct America in terms of its religion. Let me count the memes.

1. Drunken, sullen nigger comes as god to claim his rightful blonde. Stand aside, honky losers!

2. Thus, race-mixing of the most extreme kind is natural if not normative, and has the stamp of approval of the divine plan.

3. If it ever does not work out, this is because the Negro is magnanimous.

4. Young people are to idolize Negro heroes, and they do so.

5. Communist PR-campaigns to shape how people think are not silly fads, but serious and philosophical.

6. Multi-layered adultery is perfectly fine, especially if in service to higher values.

7. Language should be debased and made vulgar. Everyone — everyone! — calls the super-hero-god a**-hole repeatedly. Chuckle, chuckle, titter, titter.

It is PG-13, wink-wink, meaning kids can watch even though their parents “should” exercise oversight.

At least, it can be said to the film’s unearned credit, that the Lord’s name is not taken in vain. Perhaps to make the memes a little more accessible.

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  • TJH,

    I have noticed, ever since my own conversion to Christ, an unrelenting attack on A.)Christians and B.)White People (men in particular). This attack comes from many places, including Hollywood as you have shown with this particular post.

    I would be interested to know if you see any relationship between why (A) and (B) above are both attacked with such zeal. What is the connection, if any, in your view?

  • Southland — the connection is to be found in the international crime syndicate known as judaism.

    As Calvinists, we believe in Irresistible Grace, and if that means anything, it means that even a member of the most hostile, avaricious, and deceiving Tribe can be subdued to Christ inwardly. We must pray for this, but also, upon professed conversion, steps must be taken to ensure a radical break has been taken. Just as a converted whore-monger might should stop walking to work through the red-light district, a converted Mafioso perhaps should move out of the Mafia neighborhood, just as missionaries used to make converts from Hinduism drink a glass of whiskey, so some of our fore-fathers required a convert from Judaism to stand on a pig’s carcass and take a blood-oath that he was not lying.

    To remain a member in good standing of that Syndicate, you can be a Hindu, a Zoroastrian, or even (like most) an atheist — just not a Christian. This has been true since Donin (AD 1200), Pfefferkorn (AD 1500), and right up to today.

    Some of the Tribe that profess Christianity are tolerated — provided they continue to revere their Tribe as special, unique, persecuted, and worthy of continued veneration.

    Though to be a jew in good standing, you can adhere to any system except Christianity, the Rabbis themselves must formally adhere either to the demonic religion of the Talmud, or the demonic religion of the Kaballah.

    Thus (A), as servants of Satan, they naturally see the continuing body of Jehovah-worshipers as the enemy.

    Even many Christian pastors and elders believe jews are people of the Old Testament — i.e. “almost” Christians. This is not the case however. We have it on the best authority, that if they believed Moses, they would believe in Jesus Christ as well.

    Historically, they have been natural allies with the Muhommedan. The current apparent difficulty with Muhommedans is probably a temporary anomaly, serving the purpose of confusing modern Christians, especially those in America, whose military might must continue to be wooed.

    I have it on the authority of a personal friend that John Robbins considered Muhommedanism to be a jewish heresy; I only wish he could have lived long enough to develop that thesis and make it public.

    Seen from a tribal, rather than “religious” standpoint, the Aryan is about the only tribe that could present a lethal threat to the Syndicate’s continued prosperity — hence (B) their hostility to our men (our beautiful “shikse” are something else, of course). The only other tribe that could develop into a threat in the foreseeable future, on account of their intelligence and numbers, is the Chinese. The jury is still out on this question. The Chinese tribe will not sucker into becoming jew-worshipers as ours has — but it could well be that they will see an alliance as useful on the path to becoming the next world power.

  • Thanks very much for that. Some people were telling me “but they don’t get together at the end”… but what you’re saying is even worse. VERY glad to be warned what’s really in there, thanks.

  • Your reply to Southland ‘the connection is to be found in the international crime syndicate known as judaism” is a very good succinct answer to the age-old crime of the Deicides.

    While Orthodox do believe in theosis, [II Pet. 1:4 – cf. also http://orthodoxwiki.org/Theosis%5D one could argue (if one ‘chose’ to!) that fully subsuming one’s life to God’s, IS that ‘irresistable grace’ you mention above.

    However, while ‘some’ of the Deicides may -and have, converted to authentic Christianity (witness Br. Nathanael Kapner over at http://www.realjewnews.com) – my gut instinct tells me that, because ‘they who say they are Jews, and ARE NOT’ [Rev. 2:8,9] is clearly the canonical framework of those who are (and were) ‘Judeans’

    (Something totally different, both linguistically and ethnically, from modern ‘Jews’)… We dare not assume that the ‘Jews’ of then, are to be considered the “Jews” of Now.

    Any ‘blessed hope’ (as the Puritans held) for the ‘mass conversions of the Deicides,’ MUST (I believe) lie both ‘somewhere’, and ‘somewho’ else, than among the ethnic heirs of the Khazars, (cf. The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler) or in the land currently occupied by the AshkeNAZIS, or the Sephardim (though the latter hold more hope for group conversion, in my book).

    This possibility (i.e,. that the ‘Jews’ mentioned in Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chaps. 9-11 are NOT the ‘Jews’ of the Modern Era), coupled with Paul’s own statement in Gal. 6:16 that it is the CHURCH -comprised of those oredestined ‘Judeans’ and ‘Hellenes’ (as the Greek NT notes, NOT ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’ which is a spurious reading from the 17th century) – that is the REAL “Israel of God”

    …leads to the inevitable conclusion that ‘those who say they are Jews and are not’ MAY ONLY BE, or are predestined to be, nothing more than those ethnic heirs of the Pharisees whom Christ said were ‘the seed of Satan.” [John 8:344, Gen.3:16] This is given added weight when looking at the history of the People of God in the Apocrypha, (wrongly omitted in Protestant bibles) for it is there that we read about the Land, and the FORCED CONVERSION of EDOMITES @150 B.C., to the Biblical Religion’s people, under the reign of John Hyrcanus, (which religion had already been tampered with what Christ called ‘the vain traditions’ – i.e., the Talmud), due to the Babylonian Captivity.

    And, finally, the overt mystery of the numbers of people that came BACK to Judea after the Babylonian Captivity, and the much larger number that left it BEFORE the Bab.Captivity, gives a great deal of credence to the thought that the ‘People of God’ are to be found OTHER than among ‘those who say they are jews and are not.’

    But this leads to the constructs of what some call a ‘false theology’ [ Christian Identity] – and yet (and yet!) – Why is it, that the most rabidly ‘pro-Zionist’ [i.e., pro-Jew, ‘pro-Heeb,’ ‘pro- Khazar,’ if you will) factions of [so-called] Christendom, are its’ [CI’s] most vocal foes? Why is it that those who are least likely to believe in the inerrancy and efficacy of Holy Scripture (that cannot lie!?) are those who will let an ethnic tribe that converted en masse some 700 years AFTER Christ’s resurrection, be held as the “Chosen People”…. when so-called ‘Aryans’ out of the area of the Caucasus Mountains -i.e., ‘Caucasians’ (directly NORTH of where the “Ten Lost Tribes” were last accounted for), are not, or CANNOT be thought of as (possibly) the ‘sons of Adam’ and the ‘brethren of Isaac’?

    Truly, one has to look deeper and farther than jewish-led, and propagandized ‘science’ and research that is at BEST, less than one hundred years old, versus the ideas and constructs held by many irrespective of denominational affiliation, that held sway up until roughly the rise of the Bolsheviks…. I mean, Jews.

    IF we can go back and seek ‘the old paths’ I believe it is THERE that all of us within Christendom, who call ourselves “Caucasian,” will find/lie the answer behind why so many deludedly call ‘Jews’ [Khazars] the “Chosen (or even predestined!) People,” when they are NOT!

  • Great article, especially the list of memes which apply to so many more movies/commercials than just this one. Hope it’s OK, I’ve posted a small piece about the review in the forums over at Kinism.net.

    Have a marvelous New Year!

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