When I hear the words, “…and we pray for all the men and women standing in harm’s way to defend our country….” I reach for my revolver.

Posted by T on May 25, 2009
When I hear the word...

Words to that effect were probably heard in the majority of churches across our land the day before Memorial Day. In some churches, every week.

Piosity is a very deceptive thing. I suppose that the Levite (Judg 19) that offered his concubine to the scoundrels of Gibeah, and as he heard the clothes tearing and the thump of flesh against the earth, might have prayed something similar. “We pray for thy protection of this young girl that stands in harm’s way to defend us.”

The things that are fitting in respect to a nation that sends girls out with guns to defend it, are apologies and deep repentance, not prayers for God’s blessings on the plan.

But our cowardice becomes double-murder when we realize we are sending them, indeed into harm’s way, but certainly not to defend this country.

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  • Hear, hear! Well said. Fact of business, our pastor prayed just such a prayer yesterday. Such prayers are the reason why I usually just sit and listen to the pastoral prayer in each service, instead of bowing my head and offering an “amen” at the end like most of the others. I find that the number of things to which I could never say “amen” grows weekly. And thus it is with this age, and with our own people.

  • Or the prayer that goes something to the effect of “For those that have died to protect our freedom(s).. and sometimes a link to Christ and His work ,with no thought or worry that if any of these “Wars” are biblical in warrant or constitutional..so we have to ask what “freedom” were they protecting.
    Or better “Whos”?

    s.e. hoffmeister

  • Yes, but how many of us require our womenfolk to dress and ACT like women at home, and/or especially at church? Do we require some sort of ‘head covering’ in Church?? Do we require a skirt or modest dress (below knee length, Ladies) in the “Holy of Holies”? It seems today that only ‘ethnic’ Orthodox, and Black Baptist women (whose sartorial excesses are legend) ‘REQUIRE” either a skirt/dress, and/or a headdress when in the Presence.

    In my day, women wore hats, scarves, mantillas, whatever, when coming into the presence of the Almighty. The fact that they would NEVER think of wearing flip-flops, coulottes, or jeans to Church was anathema to them all.

    When we start treating woman AS women, by making them DRESS as women, and not letting them rule our assemblies, families, school boards, vestries, church boards, and cities (counties, states, government) is the day when righteousness shall exalt this nation once more. That, and/or when Hillary is smote by lightning….

    Now, talking about young men, and THEIR responsibilities (to keep our women sexually pure, for one thing) is for another day…..

  • Yeah Fr. John…

    [obscenity deleted — ed.]

    That aside, it’s interesting, but Andrea Schwartz over at the Chalcedon Foundation just posted a podcast where she interviews two young women who have a better understanding of a woman’s role in life: http://www.chalcedon.edu/hsblog/2009/05/destined-daughters.php

    Additionally, I had a chance to see the movie “The Girl Next Door” by Luke Greenfield, and (I’m not sure what you guys would think of it) but I thought it was the best statement of a proper male / female relationship that I’ve ever seen in the movies.

  • Shotgun,
    There are a bunch of movies entitled “The Girl Next Door” including some of Hugh Hefner’s girl friends on Netflix. I doubt that Hefner and his girls are having a proper male/female relationship. What was the year of the movie you are referring to, or the actors?

  • And what was the purpose of violating a commandment, in responding to a request based on St. Paul’s commands, the purity of the members of the Church, and patriarchy as the NORMATIVE method for reign and rule?

    Thanks, Editor, for removing this vile verbal trash.

    Behind every wannabe reconstructionist, lies an anabaptist, it would seem, ready to smite the voice of Tradition, and the Church, whenever it touches the vices they secretly indulge in. Either that, or shotgun’s a feminazi.

  • Mr. John: Or worse yet, Shotgun is a 26 year old “young” Christian who is just starting to get his feet wet in something other than the mass-produced mush of popular American evangelicalism, and may require a bit of mature guidance.

    To Jim…I was talking about the movie by Luke Greenfield starring Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch. I realize it may have a controversial sounding plot summary, but if you give it a chance, I think the underlying message of how a woman supposed to support her man and push his limits while being his “help-meat” is very clearly shown. (While also demonstrating the horrible way women are “raped” via popular culture.)

  • Shotgun — my fears have been confirmed, that the movie you praise was the very one that I unfortunately viewed a year or two ago. I couldn’t believe it, so I rented it again today and reviewed it, and sure enough, my memory was intact.

    This movie is judeo-porno-blasphemy in its very worst manifestation. It is far more damaging than the typical judeo-hard-porn for being surrounded with all the mincing and hypocritical teen-innocence that it tries to interlace.

    You need to stop giggling and tittering with these destroyers. Instead, whenever some of their poison seeps into your consciousness unawares, let your anger burn against them, until the day dawns when they can lawfully be put up against a wall and shot, or gas chambers constructed for them!

    I’m trying to think what cues failed to arouse a defensive response: the continual prurience? the gutter language? the lesbianism? the explicit porn shots and strip bars? showing pretty teens that will do anything for a baggy of hashish? the approval of co-ed “sex education,” with the fawning approval of even the parents, set in the context of porn? the blasphemy of our Savior’s holy name? the — no; I can’t even list all the poison in a public forum.

    I don’t want to be unduly harsh, for I know you are washed out into and floundering in a sea of vomit known as our pop culture which you inherited by the acquiescence of the generations that went before, including my own. But for your own sake, flee from it! Ditch some of your “friends” if they are making this filth seem normal. Find an evangelical chaplain that can mentor you. Above all, come under the weekly faithful preaching of the Word of God.

  • Shotgun-Have you noticed the irony you created in misspelling Help-meet above (no. 10)? The pop culture certainly views women that way.

    Try the movie “Fireproof (2008).” Not the world’s greatest movie, but pure. No language violations, porn shots, obscenities. In fact, where the two main actors had to be hugging, they used a body double for the woman actress: the actor’s real life wife! And you might well learn something actually valid about the character a husband needs to keep a woman’s heart.

  • I appreciate the words of wisdom guys. Maybe I am a little desensitized to the evils of our age.

    I certainly don’t view women as “meat” though, despite my typo…

  • Not “a little desensitized.” The analogy would be to a quadriplegic. You are just going to have to take our word for it until the sensation starts to come back into your limbs again as it were. But that won’t happen automatically.

  • Militarism and civil service are fast becoming the religion of the masses. At Sea World in San Diego, owned by Anheuser-Busch, before Shamu comes out, the audience is treated to a tribute to the US Armed Forces, one of these glossy-slick Madison Avenue videos glorifying their skills and sacrifices(which are undeniable), with the capstone being the call to all in attendance who have served or are serving in the US Armed Services, as well as any of those serving in the military of any of our “Allies” around the world, to please rise and be properly thanked. Aside from the difficulty of knowing who are allies are at any given moment without a quick Orwellian glance at the day’s headlines(excepting of course Israel), the obvious New World Order indoctrination of conflating this nation’s armed services with all others who bow the knee to the U.S. is stunning. Everyone applauds patriotically and Corporate Fascism inches one step closer to its goals.

  • This coming Sunday, our congregation will be led in the pledge to the US flag, “pledge” to the Christian Flag, and lastly, a pledge to the Bible. We will be led in prayer for all the “men and women” sodomizing Iraqi children to keep our country free, and why it’s all good because of Romans 13. As a woman who resigned a commission to the US Naval Academy because of coming to realize the awfulness of women in the military, I cannot see how just about everyone in church cannot see what is going on with this.

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