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The Attractions of Libertarianism

Posted by T on June 29, 2009
Economics, Ethics / 13 Comments

To set the stage for later criticism of Libertarianism, it behooves to define it. Continue reading…

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Basic economics of group-loyalty and boycotts

Posted by T on June 22, 2009
Economics, Ethics / 2 Comments

The thesis is that a minority, by patronizing stores owned by those of their own, Continue reading…


Adam & Eve as mulattos

Posted by T on June 15, 2009
Ethics / 18 Comments

This continues the review of Ken Ham et al, One Blood: I continue with item 1 Continue reading…

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Ham on Blood

Posted by T on June 11, 2009
Ethics / 16 Comments

One Blood, a book by Ken Ham, C. Wieland, and D. Batten (see detail at bottom) is a creationist attack against “racism.” Continue reading…

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Greg Reynolds on Christian Media Ecology

Posted by T on June 01, 2009
Judaica / No Comments

This book (see biblio info at bottom) is an introduction to “media ecology” by Continue reading…

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