America for Two Turkish Tribes

Posted by T on October 14, 2009

There is an interview with one Sibel Edmonds at American Conservative that should be on national news every night for a month. Instead, the establishment yawns. She was let go by the FBI in 2002 and has gone public with her story of corruption and treason. She was hushed up by John Ashcroft under the “State Secrets Privilege.” Recently, however, her giving of court testimony under oath somehow (the arcania of our talmudic legal system are beyond my comprehension) released her to disclose much of the information to the magazine.

The lack of publicly-accessible debate and cross-examination puts us at a disadvantage: perhaps Miss Edmonds is herself a disinformation agent. But there is enough that fits with what we have already been able to figure out about the forces behind the scenes, that it has the ring of truth. On the assumption that her story is true, it adds another important puzzle piece to figuring out the composition of our regime. One thread is espionage and corruption of the legislature. The other thread is drug running into Britain and the US. Each thread involves agents of two foreign powers: Turks, as well as… well, guess. The time of the crimes goes back to the period before and after the 9-11.

Here, I summarize some of the names and themes, as the narrative can be a bit dizzying without a guide. Then, go here to read the interview, using the list as a crib sheet.

Turkish crime syndicate

Mehmet Eymür — head of Turkish paramilitary group for their intelligence service. Activities in England, Germany, Italy, and Balkans. Turkey transferred him to US to prevent him testifying; he now lives in McLean. The criminal activities are not specified, but by connecting dots apparently includes drug-running.

Abdullah Catli — central figure in the Turkey-Europe scandal; 1989 most wanted by Interpol; moved to Chicago, where he continued activities until 1996.

Sabri SayariTurkish spy in Washington, DC


Unless specified, identifications refer to the time of the ring, not necessarily today. For example, Lantos is now deceased.

Marc Jew Grossman — Undersecretary of State (#3 highest position); had been ambassador to Turkey 1994-7. Picked up numerous Turkish and Israeli contacts while there.

Douglas Goy Dickerson — Air Force Major, worked for Grossman in Turkey

Tom Jew Lantos — Congressman from California

Alan Jew Makovsky — Lantos assistant, worked for AIPAC (now works for Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy, a pro-Israel think tank)

Richard Jew Perle  — assistant Secretary of Defense (Reagan administration); Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, 1987 to 2004

Douglas Jew Feith — Under Secretary of Defense for Policy 2001-5

Paul Jew Wolfowitz — Deputy Secretary of Defense, President of the World Bank.

Brent Goy Scowcroft — former National Security Advisor. Client of Turkey. Worked out the plan to attack Iraq, then later opposed it when Turkey’s conditions were not met by Bush administration.

Richard Goy Armitage — Deputy Secretary of State (#2 position)

Dennis Goy Hastert — former House Speaker, now agent of Turkey

Bob Goy Livingston — Rep (R) Louisiana (now, a lobbyist)

Dan Goy Burton — Rep (R) Indiana

Jan Jewess Schakowsky — Rep’ette (D) Illinois

We already knew this, but further documentation: the war against Iraq was already discussed months before the 9-11, including getting the necessary clearances from Turkey.

The big picture is clear: Israel has opened up Turkey as a surrogate player in the game of espionage against the US. This gives them sources that are not directly traceable to the usual Israeli suspects, along with a little plausible denial. Plus, a whole new network of professors and grad students at American universities with access to secret information. Plus, additional sources can be recruited that might have scruples about giving secrets to Israel but might regard Turkey as more benign. Or: since the Khazars were a Turkish tribe, it may just be that blood is thicker than water?

But what do the goy Americans that wink and nod and curl their greedy little fingers around a wad of bills have to say for themselves? What do we say about them? More importantly: what are we going to do about them?

4 Comments to America for Two Turkish Tribes

  • “…it adds another important puzzle piece to figuring out the composition of our regime.”

    Yes, but I’ve already reached my verdict long ago, and I suspect you have also.

    I wish someone would come up with means to liberate us from the Corruptocracy.

  • I was on to Sibel’s testimony way back when. Why do you think she is a disinformation agent? Or is that just a maybe?

  • Eliza — glad you asked, cuz that means I wasn’t clear. SOME of the details — like the actual activities of the Turkish crime ring in Europe — are a bit vague, especially as to how they pertain to us; and Miss Edmonds appears herself to be foreign, so who knows what primal loyalties she could be acting in terms of, too. Yet, I do believe her — totally. Because (1) it passes the smell test, and (2) the story “fits” with things we already know elsewhere. Finally we have to go by gut instinct when it comes to loyalty. My point though is that if our “free press” were doing its job, and if there were honest government officials in sufficient number, then we wouldn’t even need to hedge our bets at all.

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