Hurray Buffalo!

Posted by T on June 09, 2012

When Dabney some years after the war saw the people of Richmond come out en masse and loudly cheer a veterans parade, he exclaimed, “there’s life in the old land yet.”

So it is when I saw the news clip of an interview from Buffalo. Never mind the kikenheadline.  Jump to 1:35 to skip the kikenshit. Par for the course.

Jews must have gone slack-jawed when they saw it. “Oy veh, fifty years of propaganda and this goy doesn’t even know the ABCs yet!”

Imagine: a white man publicly standing up for his people, and doing it with calm confidence, without apology, without blushing, without stammering, staring down the whiny twit that is almost speechless with amazement.

Everywhere, people are waking up! There’s life in the old land yet!


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