Put down that baseball bat, nasty felon

Posted by T on February 23, 2013

I have often speculated that “gun-free zones” that surround us mean that any time “they” decide to round up guns and patriots, all they need to do is set up dragnets within those zones.

It turns out, we are in a lot more trouble than that already. Consider this poor young sap Kyle Carter, college baseball player. Apparently, hIs sanctification is not well advanced. There was a party, he started arguing with a girl, and he grabbed and lifted up a baseball bat. He was charged with “misdemeanor assault.” Fair enough.

However, he was also charged with a “felony weapons” charge. I was thinking, “oh boy, here it comes. He probably had a gun tucked away somewhere, and the cops took advantage of the unpleasantness of the party to book him with having a weapon ‘in a school zone’ — most college students are in such a place, after all — which is a felony.”

Threatening a female is only a misdemeanor; merely owning a gun (so I thought) is full-bird felony. This is how bad things have become.

But no: it’s much worse than that.

The kid’s “weapon” that he “owned” that is now threatening to make him a felon was… the baseball bat itself! Note well: not threatening bodily harm to a woman. That is a mere misdemeanor. Having the baseball bat is the felony.

I thought having a baseball bat leaning near the door as a home-defense weapon of first resort would be something one could feel unmolested having. Not so. If you are caught with such an implement “in a school zone” you are a felon.

The next move of our rulers will be to expand the “weapons-free school zones” until they virtually include the entire population.

You thought you were clean having a baseball bat nearby. You are not.

The noose is tightening. Wake up, brothers.

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  • When I was in the 7th grade my class went on a field trip to Angel Stadium. ’70-’71 was the year. It was bat night & everybody that entered the gates was handed a Louisville Slugger going in.

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