Supreme Court Rejects Fag Marriage in a Landslide

Posted by T on June 28, 2015
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The goyish part of the Court, that is.

The Gentiles on the Supreme Court voted against imposition of fag marriage by a 4-2 margin. This is 2/3, known in parliamentary jargon as a super-majority. A landslide.

If, as some think, Sotomayor is a converso, then the Gentile vote is even more lop-sided: 4-1 against imposition of faggotry.

Think about that deeply. We are ruled by an alien, subversive tribe. We are ruled by them.


2 Comments to Supreme Court Rejects Fag Marriage in a Landslide

  • Clearly you are a smart and capable man. But have you ever thought about how convenient and coincidental it is that you were born in the very religion that happens to be the most correct? Isn’t it weird that just as your parents and grandparents were so devout in their Xtianity, Islamic families were as devout and convincing of their ‘rightness’ to their children? What if you’d been born to Muslim parents?

  • Well Sheev similarly you could suggest I should not believe in quantum mechanics, because only by virtue of being raised in certain cultures would I even have the opportunity to gain the familiarity with the theory. However, the case for Christianity, more so than quantum mechanics, is based on a valid argument. We can transcend our upbringing, as many do. If that is not possible, reflect then on how also your skepticism is merely an effect of your upbringing — and thus you should distrust it. For some reason, the method is never applied to oneself I’ve noticed.
    (Also you should be more careful not to assert things you don’t know to be true.)

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