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Posted by T on October 25, 2015

Here I submitted to an interrogation by my Session on the subject of kinism, in August 2015. It could serve as an introduction to kinism, for anyone that might be interested.

Edited (shortened) for length and proper name references.

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  • I haven’t finished it yet…about 14:00 to go before I got to work this morning, but I think I was most stricken by what seemed like a charitable sobriety in your session…as opposed to a not so subtle self-righteous, smugness that usually betrays a subclinical, do-good jacobinism infecting so many churchmen today. Do they not normally spend their time warning your friends and fellow congregants of your radical extremity in order to subvert your credibility with them and otherwise remove their friendly affinities, or are they as integral and levelheaded as they seemed? I’m glad you got to sit down with them in that setting and say the things you said. It was a good dialogue. I’ll finish the last 14:00 this afternoon on the way home.

  • What was the purpose of this interrogation? Why were they asking those question? Were they seeking to discipline you?And why did the guy not know who Trotsky is?

  • Barry — The subject came up in connection with a debate on Green Baggins. No, I would say a Session has the right and duty to examine members for their faith and walk.
    SR — no, if elders poisoned the well of one of the sheep in relation to the others, that would be wicked indeed — but I don’t think even PCA elders would stoop so low. I only mention the PCA because they have a fixation on this subject right now — a dark cloud that I hope will soon pass.

  • T,

    Do you think the application of the general equity of the 5th Commandment in Deut. 17:15 to the civil realm prohibiting people’s from voluntarily placing themselves under the rule of a foreign magistrate might also apply to the ecclesiastical and familial realms? While we might consider a number of potentially abnormal or extraordinary circumstances, under normal circumstances, do you think the general equity of the 5th Commandment would also prohibit persons from voluntarily placing themselves and their families under the rule of foreign elders and then young ladies (and their fathers) from seeking to voluntarily place themselves under the authority of foreign husbands?

    Any thoughts?

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