But even if it wasn’t stolen…

Posted by T on January 10, 2021
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No rational person can believe that the 2020 election was not stolen, despite YouTube’s and Twitter’s schoolmarmish interposing of their own view to anyone that dissents.

There are a number of ways fraud occurs:

  • Dead people voting
  • Living but illegal people voting
  • Legal people voting more than once
  • Ballots being “lost” (whether physically or electronically does not matter)
  • Fake ballots being delivered
  • Machines not reporting the literal numbers

There is plenty of evidence that all six of these methods were in play. The first has been going on for a long time in the corrupted cities, and the second in California. The electoral college protected us from irreparable harm by quarantining those states to an extent.

One suspects the third, not just because of all the jews holding dual-residency in New York and Florida, not just because of the multiple voter-reminder notices I used to get when I lived in Pennsylvania, but the ominous adverts seen such as the ones telling students they could register to vote using their campus address. (Who would ever discover whether they were also registered back home? Especially, but not exclusively, out-of-state students.)


However, there is a seventh method that some would not even count as fraud, namely this: a technically-legal citizen is awakened from his lazy or drunken stupor by a partisan, who waves a filled-out mail-in ballot in front of him, which he signs, and the partisan puts it into the mailbox.

I count this method as fraud, because it highlights the fact that not just the legality of a vote is what should matter, but its mode. You want it to require a little effort: to have to go down to the county registrar’s office to register, in a timely manner, carrying some ID; to have to plan to go vote on election day, and to do so, rain or shine. This is the very least that should be required for your opinion to carry the weight of a vote.  People who only check a box when getting their driver’s license, and then have a ballot stuffed in front of their face which they reach out for and check the “more benefits” box should not be able to cancel out the votes of the men that wake up every day at 5 AM and trudge off for another day of hard work and tax-paying.

However, I don’t think Method Seven was the decisive part of the swing-state swing, because there is no reason such ballots would have shown up by the boxful at four in the morning. If they would be technically legal, why the need to wait? Why not have delivered them in a timely manner? Nevertheless, this category was doubtless a part of the margin, and threatens to become an ever bigger part of the tally in the future, if the mail-in method is allowed to continue.

But despite the variegated ways that fraud manifestly seems to have occurred, some still doubt it. But here’s the real thing. Either (1) the election was stolen, or (2) in the last four years, so many aliens have obtained the right to vote, that the descendants of the Europeans who, with so much sweat, blood, and toil, conquered and settled this continent, have now been defeated, and will soon be displaced from their own land. 

For anyone with eyes and the ability to reason, these seem to be the only two possibilities. Note also that these are not mutually exclusive: (1) and (2) could both be true. 

Most conservatives, I fear, would be fine with (2) being the case — provided it was done legally.  “They are just as much Americans as we are in that case — what’s the complaint?” The Propositional Nation is what matters to them, and they seem not to have the faintest inkling that even the propositions will be gone overnight once the descendants of the people that articulated those propositions have been displaced. 

But each new outrage gives a few of them the wakeup call, and they leave the mass of the Doomed and join us. The 911. The pointless, never-ending wars. The burning of Notre Dame. The Great 2020 Election Heist. And next: the total lockdown censorship being rolled out.

Welcome, ye whom God has wakened! We can enjoy one another’s fellowship even as we wonder how the Last Battle is going to be waged.

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