Why the Georgia runoff?

Posted by T on January 02, 2021
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I think without the cheating, Trump not only would have won with a landslide exceeding that of Reagan in 84, but his coattails would have given him the House and a filibuster-proof Senate. 

In other words, there is no reason to think the cheating was limited to the “swing states,” and this point has not been made often enough.

Something like a third of a million fans came to Trump’s rallies since Labor Day, while about 68 came to the Law School Cheater’s — and that counts secret service agents and staff, some of whom arrived in cars so they could stupidly honk at the applause lines, to cover up the lack of actual applause. No one loves Biden. No one can possibly think that 15 million new people came out of the woodwork to vote for him. So, they are going to have to say that these 15 million were motivated by a hatred of Trump which trumped their apathy toward Biden. Even though Trump picked up a greater share of the negro and latino vote than four years ago.

This just cannot be believed rationally.

The only question that remains is, why did our rulers make it so there would need to be runoff in Georgia? They obviously could have stolen those two Senate seats outright; or, if the intent was to yield them to the yeomen of Georgia, why not have reduced the fake votes for Jew Ossoff and the Negro to the point that Loeffler and Perdue would have made it the first time? 

Distinguo the two possibilities.

I. The plan is to give one or both seats back to the goyim. (Either way, this would leave the Senate in GOP hands.)

In that case, it means a deal was made with Kemp and the Georgian GOP, and both sides carried out their side of the bargain. Kemp looked the other way, and the jews delivered as promised. In that case, the reason for the runoff would be to try to induce at least a large contingent of the election skeptics to say “I guess the elections really were fair, just like Facebook and CNN said!” If even half of the skeptics can be brought back over to trusting the system, it seems like that would be worth the hassle of staging a second election.

II. The plan is to take both seats

In this case, it is harder to see why they bothered with the runoff, when they could have stolen them at the outset. The only thing I can think of is, it could be purely to humiliate the peasants. It would be like Charlie Brown kicking the football which Lucy snatches away every time. It would be as if to say to the peasants, “you knew the election was stolen, yet you went back two months later and did it again, even though you knew that zero was done to rectify the holes in the system. You may now adapt your minds to the fact that our rule over you is permanent.”

The deeper the humiliation of the people, the less likely to rebel, might be the thinking.

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