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St. Andrew is back!

Posted by T on February 13, 2022
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I thought they had taken him out for good, but here:

Spread the word to everyone you can think of.

Anglin is, quite simply, the most brilliant thinker on the web.

I give AA full credit for the election of Trump in 2016.

This is why, starting in 2017, they used every trick in the book to silence him:

  • Cancel paypal
  • Cancel checking account
  • Steal his URL
  • Steal his domain registration
  • Remove Cloudfare
  • Steal his ISP
  • Generate frivolous lawsuits and get “tribal” judges to give outrageous awards

Trump did nothing to oppose this, and it cost him the election in 2020. With google searches and fundraising, I believe Andrew could have single-handedly resisted the Corona hoax and the mail-in ballots.

Instead, Trump did nothing, and this only put the Left into a deeper frenzy of cancellation — finally culminated in the cancellation of the President of the United States! The chutzpah of these people is only matched by the passive compliance of the “opposition.”

But think how outrageous this is. I thought we were obligated to use the Federal Reserve System of legal tender, with the tacit agreement that anyone could use the system, since they indeed must use the system. Of course, the authorities would have the right to deprive a convicted felon of such use, by legal means: but not “private” banks.

I thought the internet was free for anyone to use. Not for illegal activities, but certainly for the exercise of free speech.

The cucking of America is shown in that not one mainstream politician or reporter, save only Tucker, even found this persecution worth mentioning, let alone resisting. discussed the “problem,” but couldn’t sully their lips by mentioning Daily Stormer or Andrew Anglin.

These are dark days. Somehow, Andrew has found a way to shine his light into our dark place. Read, ponder, and reform your language and your thinking, while there is still this small opportunity.