The Manhattan Declaration

Posted by T on November 28, 2009
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An Anglican priest is supposed to have lamented, “Wherever St. Paul went, a riot Continue reading…


Mr. Ham Introduces Miss Egenation

Posted by T on November 09, 2009
Ethics / 10 Comments

Ken Ham and his associates in the book under review favor interracial marriage Continue reading…

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Ham on the extent of genetic differences between the races

Posted by T on September 17, 2009
Ethics / 7 Comments

Ham et al. claim that there is only 0.2% genetic difference between any two races, Continue reading…

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Ham on Racism and Evolution

Posted by T on September 01, 2009
Ethics / 20 Comments

Notably absent from a book purporting to be a refutation of racism is a definition Continue reading…

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Ken Ham on Incest

Posted by T on July 20, 2009
Ethics / 24 Comments

Ken Ham and his associates regard the Mosaic commandment against incest Continue reading…

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Holocaust Denial and neo-Nazism

Posted by T on July 09, 2009
Ethics, Politics / 19 Comments

One thing I can’t figure out in the current rhetoric is why holocaust denial is so often Continue reading…

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Does Libertarianism Provide an Escape for Ken Ham?

Posted by T on July 06, 2009
Economics, Ethics / 10 Comments

In the previous installment, I endeavored to show that the Mulatto Model for Continue reading…

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The Attractions of Libertarianism

Posted by T on June 29, 2009
Economics, Ethics / 13 Comments

To set the stage for later criticism of Libertarianism, it behooves to define it. Continue reading…

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Basic economics of group-loyalty and boycotts

Posted by T on June 22, 2009
Economics, Ethics / 2 Comments

The thesis is that a minority, by patronizing stores owned by those of their own, Continue reading…


Adam & Eve as mulattos

Posted by T on June 15, 2009
Ethics / 18 Comments

This continues the review of Ken Ham et al, One Blood: I continue with item 1 Continue reading…

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Ham on Blood

Posted by T on June 11, 2009
Ethics / 16 Comments

One Blood, a book by Ken Ham, C. Wieland, and D. Batten (see detail at bottom) is a creationist attack against “racism.” Continue reading…

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Jerry Bridges’ Sin

Posted by T on November 01, 2008
Ethics / 7 Comments

His book Respectable Sins starts off with a few orientation chapters, the burden of which is to show: You are already a saint Continue reading…


Is it wrong to take PEDs?

Posted by T on December 15, 2007
Ethics, Sports / 4 Comments

George Mitchell has finally issued his report on the use of “performance enhancing drugs” or PEDs in Major League Baseball (MLB). Predictably, this has set the nattering talking heads into a new buzz, some defending this or that of the accused, but most just tutt-tutting. It is hard to find anyone actually discussing the question, “what’s wrong with using PEDs?” So, like the Little Red Hen, but more importantly: in keeping with First Word’s mission, I will set out to do so. Continue reading…


Race in Heaven

Posted by 2 on December 07, 2007
Ethics, Politics / 25 Comments

There are a variety of topics in our current discourse, such as racial linguistic reference, and the question of the desirability of integration in church or state, to which our disputants often have a ready argument: “there will be no race in heaven; therefore we should operate as if that were the case now.” As will prove to be the case again and again, both the major and minor premises of modern truisms are generally dubious. Here I wish to analyze a premise that functions as the “minor” in that argument, and is taken as “obvious” even by intelligent people today. Namely, the idea that “there will be no race in heaven.” Continue reading…


Vera’s vain protest

Posted by T on July 27, 2007
Ethics, History / 2 Comments

Today is the 64th anniversary of the Allied fire-bombing of Hamburg known as Operation Gomorrah. The British part, which deliberately targeted civilians, actually involved four night-time attacks beginning the nights of 7/24, 7/25, 7/27, and 8/2 of 1943. (There were supplemental American attacks by day that aimed at military targets.) Thus, this night is actually the anniversary of the third night of bombing; but that was the one that created the fire-storm that killed tens of thousands in horror- Continue reading…

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