The Manhattan Declaration

Posted by T on November 28, 2009
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An Anglican priest is supposed to have lamented, “Wherever St. Paul went, a riot Continue reading…


Holocaust Denial and neo-Nazism

Posted by T on July 09, 2009
Ethics, Politics / 19 Comments

One thing I can’t figure out in the current rhetoric is why holocaust denial is so often Continue reading…

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When I hear the word “bipartisan” I reach for my revolver

Posted by T on November 13, 2006
I reach for my revolver, Politics / No Comments

If y’all are gonna be bipartisan, then what was the argument for voting for you again?


Election 2006: Is there a reason to vote R or D this time?

Posted by T on October 30, 2006
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Yes; but each reason only applies to some people. Continue reading…


Lincoln: A brief introduction

Posted by T on October 14, 2006
History / 21 Comments

To understand politics, one must understand origins. And the Republican Party Continue reading…

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Election 2006: Shame or Horror?

Posted by T on September 25, 2006
Politics / 22 Comments

Distasteful as it is, we are approaching yet another election season. Continue reading…